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As Itzy star begins to rise, we can't help but wonder what the Blackpink members themselves are thinking. Take a look!

Could Itzy take the K-Pop crown from all the Blackpink members?

Ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes of a band’s album creation? ITZY just peeled back the curtain.

K-pop enthusiasts are no strangers to behind-the-scenes footage, but the recent two-part documentary surrounding ITZY’s Kill My Doubt album offers a game-changing view of the group. Let’s dive into the details and see what the BLACKPINK members have to say about this rising star within their own ranks!

The tea

From the literal sweat and tears shed during boxing classes, crafted to match the album’s theme, to the emotional rollercoaster of recording, this was ITZY like never before. Through all these raw moments, a singular theme resonates: rising above adversity. If one thing is certain, all BLACKPINK members have adversity stories to share.

This venture into vulnerability wasn’t born overnight. Prior to this release, ITZY had begun exploring deeper waters with their November 2022 album, Cheshire. But this? This was ITZY in their most authentic form. Ryujin described the new album as stemming from personal interviews, where the band delved into their individual experiences, making it deeply personal.

The depths

These introspective interviews, described by Yuna as akin to “psychological counselling,” offered a safe space for ITZY to confront their fears and obstacles. This distinctive approach sets Kill My Doubt apart, making it not just about catchy tunes, but also an exploration of their genuine struggles and the determination to overcome them. As Yeji put it, “it’s about facing doubts before trying something new.”

The pre-album track, ‘Bet On Me’, gave fans a taste of this new depth. Beginning with an acknowledgment of fears, the track becomes an anthem of self-belief and trust in one another. Yeji’s lyrics emphasize this internal dialogue and the journey of self-trust.

According to Lia, the goal was to make the songs relatable. The objective was to address the common human experience of internal fears, and the emphasis was on overcoming them. That said, the journey wasn’t always smooth. With the time that lapsed since Cheshire and challenges faced during recording sessions with JYP, the journey to Kill My Doubt was filled with learning and growth.

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The pallette

Upon the release of ‘None of My Business’, fans got to experience a more laid-back, carefree ITZY. This breezy track, portraying indifference toward a past lover, became a fast favorite among band members. Chaeryeong painted a vivid picture, imagining it as the perfect sunset beach tune.

Yet, amidst the variety, ‘Cake’, the title track of the album, brings listeners back to the heart of ITZY: vibrant, catchy, and infectious. The song, in Yeji’s words, is all about simplifying life’s problems, just like enjoying a piece of cake.

Celebrating their fourth year, Yeji looked back fondly at their journey. The emphasis for ITZY remains Kill My Doubt, and they’re gearing up for thrilling performances from the album. As for what the rest of the year holds? Ryujin hinted at big plans but kept the details under wraps.

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The future

As the pages turn in ITZY’s story, Kill My Doubt emerges as a testament to their willingness to challenge themselves, embrace growth, and overcome challenges. Despite the accolades and fanfare, at their heart, they’re five young women ready to push boundaries and face their doubts head-on.

So, as ITZY’s latest album hits the airwaves, it begs the question: Are you ready to confront your doubts and dance them away?


Do you think the BLACKPINK members will let Itzy’s star shine as bright as it can? Let us know in the comments!

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