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'RuPaul’s Drag Race'’s final episode of season 12 just concluded the season. Here we rank Gigi Goode's best lewks from season 12.

Gigi Goode: Best fashion queen in herstory? Her ‘RPDR’ lewks, ranked

RuPaul’s Drag Race’s final episode of season 12 just concluded the season, the tremendous performances taking our breath away. If you haven’t yet watched season 12 of RPDR, you’re in for heaps of drama & dazzle. While we can’t wait for the next season, we can at least ogle at the beautiful lewks from season 12. 

There are so many talented queens in season 12 but Gigi Goode is by far one of the absolute best. While we’re bummed she isn’t the winner, she is one of the runner-ups – so we’ll take it! Here’s our picks for her best lewks in season 12.  

“Buttons & Bows” lewk

Gigi’s orange buttons & bows outfit is definitely a top pick. Buttons head to toe, Gigi really outdid herself – we never knew that much orange could look so amazing on someone. The buttoned sunglasses really top off this look. This outfit is fun, creative, and fabulous.

“Black Wedding” lewk 

Even though Gigi didn’t do well in this episode, we think that this sleek, dark lewk is absolutely stunning. Seriously underrated, we rank this refreshingly elegant lewk high up on Gigi’s best lewks. 

“Michelle Visage” lewk 

Blonde & blue, Gigi kills it in this iconic babydoll lewk. The pastel colors look innocent but the skimpy cut kicks it up a notch. We can’t look away – she’s giving Marilyn Monroe herself a run for her money. 

“Big boys don’t cry” lewk

Simple, loud, classy – what an amazing lewk! She makes the retro diner theme modern just by putting it on and making it catch fire. We’re wondering if she could sell this outfit to us because it’s seriously adorable. We at least want that “Gigi” t-shirt underneath that chic, red dress. 

“RuVeal” lewk

This RuVeal lewk should have captured more attention. Look at that bold hodgepodge of plaid – she’s bold & brilliant. That red, curly hair & edgy design? She’s a total a modern Merida from Brave if Merida started caring about fashion. 

“The Color Purple Look” lewk

Okay, this might not be something we’d recommend she rewear – but no one can deny she makes a perfect Daphne! The fuzzy green tights and poofy sleeves give our favorite fashionista character a taste of that special Gigi flare. We just couldn’t ignore how fantastic this cosplay is.   

“Gay’s Anatomy”  lewk

While some think Gigi Goode falls into predictable patterns with her looks, she somehow continues to shock us with her inventive styles. This caped look is stellar and no one can deny it. Who knew that a melange of the detective and Pan Am-esque airline attendant lewk would be this novel & stunning.

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