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If anything has been made more clear, it’s that Jeffree Star brings all of the drama. Is it time to clean house? Here's what we know.

Time to clean house? All the toxic people linked to Jeffree Star

If anything has been made more clear within the last few weeks, it’s that Jeffree Star brings all of the drama to the YouTube beauty community. Year after year, Star seems to be at the heart of every major YouTube beauty scandal, and it’s becoming clearer as his inner circle continues to fall apart. 

While Star has apologized for his infamous MySpace days, he’s known for a past filled with racism, antisemitism, and manipulation. More and more are revealing their personal experiences with Star, none of which have been helpful to Star’s reputation. Former friends have seen Star playing games with smaller creators, making blatantly racist jokes, and saying shocking things just for attention.

While Star has a toxic past, he’s associated with other toxic people as well. Here are some of the most toxic people that have been a part of Star’s inner circle.  

Trigger warning: This article mentions upsetting events involving minors.

Shane Dawson

Over the last couple of weeks, Shane Dawson has come under extreme fire for his past. This is by far the biggest YouTube drama since last year’s James Charles “Bye, Sister” scandal. Coined as “Karmageddon”, Shane Dawson’s old videos received massive scrutiny for his blackface and inappropriate sexual jokes about children. 

Dawson & Star have been friends for the last couple of years, especially due to Dawson’s series called “The Secret Life of Jeffree Star”. Last year, they produced the eyeshadow line Conspiracy Palette through Star’s makeup company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

The scope of Karmageddon is massive. Celebrities weighed in, it reached massive media outlets, and it trended on Twitter for days. Evidence against Dawson keeps piling up as more people find disturbing content from his early days on YouTube. 

Even with Star’s documented racism, Dawson continued to defend Star. Since Karmageddon started, Star has been silent on all of his social media platforms. Star hasn’t spoken about Dawson, the evidence against Dawson, or Tati Westbrook’s video about Star & Dawson’s active participation against James Charles last year. 

Dahvie Vanity

This is a new connection that might be Jeffree Star’s most dangerous. Dahvie Vanity was a member of the band Blood on the Dance Floor and has been accused of being a sexual predator. His victims have come forward saying Dahvie Vanity sexually assaulted them when they were minors. Most of these assaults occurred on tour, which Jeffree Star attended. Since 2009, twenty-one women have spoken out against Vanity.

Before YouTube and his makeup company, Star was a part of the MySpace music scene, going on the Vans Warped Tour and making his own music. He professed how much he loved being with Vanity and Blood on the Dance Floor frequently on social media until Vanity was revealed to be a predator.

Star has gone back & forth on his opinion of Dahvie Vanity by both supporting and condemning him. Star tweeted he saw Dahvie Vanity committing a crime, but also went back on what he claimed to see.

In 2010, Star tweeted, “We saw Dahvie [Vanity] bring under age girls to his hotel rooms” and stated he would “no longer support” Vanity. In 2011, Star tweeted he made up with Vanity. In 2012, he wrote he would be touring with Dahvie.

Earlier this year, Star spoke to How to Catch a Predator’s Chris Hansen, saying he never saw anything illegal. Star claimed that if he had seen something, Vanity would be in jail.

Kat Von D

Kat Von D hasn’t been friends with Jeffree Star for long, but she is just as problematic. Kat and Jeffree were friends for years, seen together on Von D’s show, LA Ink. But the two had a highly publicized falling out in 2016 when Von D released an Instagram post and video publicly ending their friendship.

While Von D ended their friendship for multiple reasons (including Star’s racism & bullying), Von D isn’t innocent either. For one, she’s been accused of being an antisemite. While she denies such claims, Von D has been in multiple relationships with men connected to Nazis & facism.

Von D also went under fire for being a vocal anti-vaxxer. When she was pregnant, she announced she would be raising her child on a vegan diet and wouldn’t vaccinate. These two statements received rampant backlash and she’s been associated with her anti-vax views ever since.

Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas is a YouTuber who likes to play with drama. She appeared on Star’s podcast and made many public appearances with him, including a recent Valentine’s trip to Las Vegas. 

Recently, Trisha had a falling out with Star after a video came out revealing Star made body-shaming jokes about Paytas. Initially, she stated she was still friends with Star, but she claimed she broke ties with Star due to what he said behind her back. 

Paytas may be all talk, but she’s made many unpopular remarks during her time on YouTube. In 2016, Paytas declared her support for Donald Trump. Wearing a Trump shirt and stating her reasons to vote for Trump, she made various remarks about Trump’s wall and immigrants like, “there are so, so many illegal immigrants taking our jobs.”

After immediate backlash, Paytas backed down, saying she no longer supports Trump. She came out with an apology video in 2019, claiming she wasn’t educated in politics and created the video for shock value. 

While Paytas has created many questionable videos, her more recent scandals were sparked when she claimed she was transgender in a video called “I AM TRANSGENDER (FEMALE TO MALE)”, stating she suffered from dissociative identity disorder in “MEET MY ALTERS”.

While Star & Shane Dawson became friends more recently, Paytas has been a longtime friend of Dawson, appearing in a number of Dawson’s old videos. She has since voiced her support of Dawson’s character after his old videos resurfaced.

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  • What anti-semitism are you talking about from Kat? You should watch the video she has on the matter up on YouTube. The drama involving a forged signature of hers was determined to be fake and she was actually harassed at work so…

    July 8, 2020
    • Obviously you’re a fan girl of hers so you think any “drama” is fake, when really you just delude yourself into thinking she can’t do anything wrong. Just accept that famous people can be scum

      April 5, 2021

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