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Trisha Paytas has kicked off Valentine’s Day with a surprising announcement: she’s pregnant! How has the internet reacted?

Trisha Paytas's Twitter is no stranger to fallouts with long-time enemy Ethan Klein. Login and find out what's causing their meltdown this time!

The Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein beef continues. After Ethan points out the lack of evidence in her sexual assault claim, the Twitter star went private.

Drama is the only word that describes what’s going on with Trisha Paytas and Ethan from h3h3Productions. Here's what's happening now.

This recent episode of Keemstar’s podcast Mom’s Basement is definitely a doozy. Get ready for more tea as we dive into this episode of Mom’s Basement.  

Does Jeffree Star have a new boyfriend? Here’s what we know about Star’s secretive relationship status.

The latest in podcasting drama comes from the Frenemies podcast. Who's replacing Trisha Paytas? Let's find out.

Fans of the Frenemies podcast, the chances of its return are DOA. Grab your headphones & kettles and dive into the latest news about the podcast. 

Trisha Paytas has announced their departure from the Frenemies podcast. Grab your cameras and dive into who Trisha Paytas is and what has happened now.