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The latest in podcasting drama comes from the Frenemies podcast. Who's replacing Trisha Paytas? Let's find out.

Fans of the Frenemies podcast, the chances of its return are DOA. Grab your headphones & kettles and dive into the latest news about the podcast. 

Trisha Paytas has announced their departure from the Frenemies podcast. Grab your cameras and dive into who Trisha Paytas is and what has happened now.

After Trisha Paytas's stunning announcement, fans of 'Frenemies' are left wondering if the podcast is done for good. Find out what went down here.

Any platform you look at seems to always have its share of beef. Grab your headphones and dive into the clash between FaZe Banks and Adam22. 

YouTube influencer fights: always nasty, always entertaining. Put your gloves on and step into the ring with Trisha Paytas and Nikita Dragun!

Is Gabbie Hanna speaking out more about her time on Vlog Squad? Is she breaking an NDA to do so? See why Twitter is still holding their breath

Trisha Paytas is a hilarious YouTuber who enjoys talking fast and posting personal vlogs. Here's how she rose to fame over the years.