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The latest in podcasting drama comes from the Frenemies podcast. Who's replacing Trisha Paytas? Let's find out.

Frenemies podcast is over: Who’s the new cohost for this YouTube series?

Podcasts have rapidly become one of the most popular forms of content available on the web these days. Whether you’re listening to them on your commute or while working from home, podcasts can become a daily part of your life without you even realizing. We’re not sure when podcasting news became a thing, but there’s a new story breaking which has fans in a tizzy. 

The latest in podcasting drama comes from the Frenemies podcast. The show has been racking up fans over the last year, and we bet you’ve seen the show pop up in your YouTube algorithm if you aren’t following the drama first hand. Either way, the past few weeks have revealed massive changes to one of the internet’s biggest podcasts. Let’s see what the latest is with the Frenemies podcast.


The Frenemies podcast comes from H3H3 productions, the YouTube channel coming from hosts Ethan & Hila Klein. 

The two built up a massive following via their podcast The H3 Podcast after dropping the show back in 2017. According to Media Monitors, The H3 Podcast has the fourteenth biggest audience of any podcast in the world as of early 2021.

The H3 Podcast started things off for Ethan Klein in the podcasting world, but Klein has been ripping up headlines in June because of his successful spinoff, the Frenemies podcast. The spinoff came when Klein linked up with YouTube personality Trisha Paytas in 2020, but before long, the duo headed for a downward spiral.


The New York Post reported in early June that Trisha Paytas stepped down from the Frenemies podcast after a heated on-air dispute between the two YouTube stars. The dispute started when the two began arguing about the show’s production while recording, following the first week of June.

Paytas threw shade at the show’s new segment, calling the bit lazy & dumb. Klein responded by telling Paytas the production team did most of the work for the Frenemies podcast, while all Paytas had to do was show up. The argument quickly grew to discuss production costs, location, and the show’s advertising.

The day after the on-air tiff went down, Paytas quit the Frenemies podcast. She claims the argument wasn’t the reason for her leaving, instead saying the show was “not good for [her] mentally anymore” and that she didn’t  “want to be the toxicity in their machine”. With Paytas gone, Frenemies fans everywhere are wondering who will replace Paytas and join Klein on air. So who’s the new cohost?


Sportskeeda reported today that Ethan Klein has revealed his new cohost. Yesterday, Klein tweeted a video, adding “The new host of frenemies is……” as fans eagerly awaited the announcement of the new Frenemies host. Shocking fans everywhere, the new host was revealed to be Klein’s mother.

However, Klein’s mother won’t exactly be replacing Trisha Paytas on the Frenemies podcast. Instead, Klein will be replacing Frenemies with a new spinoff podcast called Families. On the first episode of Families, Klein and his mother Donna discussed various issues, told stories, and took quizzes on air.

Fans seemed to enjoy the new Frenemies incarnation, and many took to Twitter to call Donna an “upgrade” from Trisha Paytas. Luckily for them, the Families podcast will come in Frenemies’ place each week. Donna won’t be joining Klein weekly, however – a new family member will come to guest host with Klein on each episode of the new show. Well, you know what they say – out with the old, in with the new.

Are you on team Donna or do you miss the old Frenemies podcast? Sound off in the comments below!

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