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Fans of the Frenemies podcast, the chances of its return are DOA. Grab your headphones & kettles and dive into the latest news about the podcast. 

Will the Frenemies podcast return? What happened between the hosts?

Fans of the Frenemies podcast, we’re sorry to report that the chances of its return are dead on arrival. Despite Trisha Paytas tweeting yesterday that the podcast will return, her co-host Ethan Klein tweeted today from the official h3h3productions Twitter that the show won’t be returning. 

This follows after the explosive public argument between Paytas & Klein on both Twitter and the last official episode of the Frenemies podcast, which aired right after Paytas announced their departure. Naturally, Twitter had . . . mixed opinions about the whole situation, especially after the announcement Klein made today. 

But what exactly happened with the Frenemies podcast? What was the debate over? We searched through the threads for more information and the best reactions to the Frenemies podcast tea. Grab your headphones & tea kettles and dive into the latest news about the Frenemies podcast. 

A messy goodbye 

This all began on June 8th, when Paytas made a video announcing their departure from the show due to the anxiety the production environment created for them, citing both financial & personal debates that sparked between them and Klein. This video came hours before the last episode of Frenemies was posted to YouTube. 

Clearly, this had weighed on Klein’s mind as the episode was ladened with tension, leading up to an explosive argument ten minutes before the episode ended with Paytas leaving their chair as Klein declared the podcast was over. 

This segwayed into a public Twitter debate, with Paytas posting many of the text conversations between them & Klein and, at one point, making an antisemitic comment about Klein that sparked backlash among their fans. Finally, Klein ended the debate by deleting his tweets and stating that he was “going to take a step back for the evening”. Nothing has sparked in the intervening days between the two until now. 

Twitter is on the mic 

During the debate and after these recent conflicting tweets from both parties, many fans of the podcast have taken to Twitter to express their . . . mixed emotions about the whole situation. These reactions include: 

That would definitely be ideal, but it seems like that might not happen unfortunately . . . 

 Come on – it had its good moments . . . 

Might want to recheck your crystal ball. 

Hindsight is 20/20, but yeah that would be appropriate. 

 Why must you hit us with that Dr. Seuss quote? 

We all need a break, dude, trust us. 

 You’re a little late to the party, dude . . . 

No law degree required! 

 Yeah, in hindsight that doesn’t seem to balance out . . . 

 That does seem like the situation in a nutshell. 

What are your thoughts on the Frenemies podcast situation? Drop them below in the comments and we’ll keep our ears open! 

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