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After Trisha Paytas's stunning announcement, fans of 'Frenemies' are left wondering if the podcast is done for good. Find out what went down here.

Trisha Paytas steps down from Frenemies podcast: Get all the tea now

We all know Trisha Paytas from their hilarious YouTube channel which has been releasing videos since 2007. However, their popular podcast Frenemies with co-host Ethan Klein has recently been raking in the views. Shockingly, Paytas, who earlier announced they’re nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns, has decided to step down today from the podcast after a dispute in a previous episode. 

The YouTube star and podcast host released a twenty-two-minute-long video this morning about their sudden departure from the popular show. If you haven’t read the tea just yet from each hosts’ Twitter accounts, we’ll help you get caught all the way up! 

The tense last episode of Frenemies

In the podcast’s latest episode on Monday, the two Frenemies hosts began a heated argument over the show’s production. In Trisha Paytas’s video announcement, they explained they decided to leave the podcast due to disagreements concerning production & ownership.

The show began from a feud between the two hosts in 2019 after Klein criticized Paytas for photoshopping their body in a viral video. Paytas was invited to the podcast in order to settle the battle and ended up with Paytas joining as co-host, hence the title Frenemies.

The on-air battle in the latest episode happened towards the end of the show. The two began to debate as Paytas commented that the podcast’s new Q&A segment is “dumb” and makes Frenemies seem “lazy”.  

Klein then replied that H3H3 Productions’ crew does the majority of the work for the podcast. He further added that all Paytas does is “just shows up”. The co-host then argued that they bring in entertaining topics while Klein simply “recycles” topics from his other podcasts. 

The two then began to argue over various disagreements concerning filming locations, hiring processes, and financial concerns. After arguing for some time, Paytas asked the crew to stop filming. This would become the last episode of their podcast Frenemies.

Klein’s reaction on social media

Trisha Paytas released their video announcement on YouTube but hasn’t commented on their exit on Twitter or Instagram. Ethan Klein has also not updated on his Instagram as of yet. However, Klein has tweeted a few snide comments. After the news was first revealed, Klein sarcastically tweeted, “Happy #NationalBestFriendsDay.” He would then go on to tweet, “Not sure what to do with 4000 frenemies hoodies.

After his sassy tweets, Klein decided to leave an official statement in regards to Trisha Paytas leaving the show. Klein tweeted, “i am honestly gutted over this whole thing, trisha’s video this morning was a total surprise to me. I dont really know what more I can say or do. Im very sorry to all the fans of frenemies, I know how much it meant to everyone, I did everything I humanly could to save it.”

The co-host decided to jokingly tweet, “Ultimately this is my fault for ordering pizza while dressed as uncle fester.” This is referring to the latest episode where he was absurdly dressed up as Uncle Fester from The Addams Family. Imagine the argument between the two as Klein was dressed in a full Fester getup . . .

Trisha Paytas’s YouTube video announcement

In their extensive video, Paytas described how for a long time the podcast was something they looked forward to each week. However, they began their announcement by revealing that they had “a lot of anxiety yesterday and a lot of anxiety this morning.” Paytas then continued by saying, “I had this feeling in my heart that I needed to step away from Frenemies.”

Paytas continues the video by further explaining the issues they brought up in the podcast’s final episode to clarify why they were leaving. “I’m leaving to ease the tension everywhere,” Paytas wrote in a comment beneath the video. 

“I don’t want to be the toxicity in their machine, and I can feel that I am. and it’s not good for anyone involved. I’m sorry so many of you are disappointed in me, or that you only became a fan of me again through the show, but I cannot continue.”

Many fans are uncertain if this is truly Trisha Paytas’s final appearance, as they have falsely claimed to exit the show before. Yet, with Paytas’s successful OnlyFans, YouTube, and Instagram accounts, we’re sure they’ll be fine without the podcast. Do you think the Frenemies co-hosts are actually splitting? Are you following Paytas or Klein on Instagram or Twitter? Let us know in the comments below! 

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