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‘Frenemies’: Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas react to David Dobrik’s apology

The Frenemies podcast on YouTube has become a favorite for many. Well-known problematic creators Ethan Klein & Trisha Paytas have teamed up and everyone is loving it. The unlikely pairing has also been involved in recent scandals involving several YouTubers. 

One feud which has proven to be the talk of the internet is the one between Trisha Paytas and the Vlog Squad. After many allegations reached the internet, the Frenemies podcast dished the dirt about the controversial group. Looks like David Dobrik is still in hot water even after two unsuccessful apologies.

Dive into the latest internet drama and find out what happened during the recent podcast episodes which have the internet talking.

Ethan Klein & Trisha Paytas

After two eye-opening interviews with former Vlog Squad members BigNik and Seth Francois, the Frenemies podcast has become the place where people go to find out the latest information involving the recent allegations. In a shocking turn of events, Insider released a tell-all article that featured the story of “Hannah” and her terrifying ordeal with the Vlog Squad.

Hannah’s encounter with the Vlog Squad allegedly led to a sexual assault at the hands of Durte Dom (Dominykas Zeglaitis). Other members of the group were seen where the incident happened and even filmed the event for David Dobrik’s famous vlogs. Alcohol was supplied to those under-age including Hannah. The allegations have caused a huge stir on social media with calls for cancellations pouring in. 

Frenemies starring Ethan Klein & Trisha Paytas haven’t stayed quiet about their distaste for the Vlog Squad and the recent allegations coming to light. Jeff Wittek was briefly mentioned in Insider’s article and Wittek attempted to clear his name by uploading a YouTube video titled “My Truth” which he has since deleted. 

After his video was released, fans were quick to dismiss the video based on how he handled the situation. Surprisingly, Jeff Wittek appeared in a live Frenemies episode for a discussion with Ethan Klein & Trisha Paytas. It’s no secret Paytas isn’t the biggest Wittek fan and this was made apparent when they came face to face (video call to video call) during the episode.

After the long interview, it was determined that Jeff Wittek isn’t the main problem in the Vlog Squad, and ultimately the blame falls on David Dobrik & Durte Dom for enabling and actually inflicting the pain and destruction upon fans and more. 

David Dobrik apologizes . . . again

After a failed two-minute apology video, David Dobrik attempts to apologize a second time. This apology is six minutes! It addresses Hannah’s allegations and how he allegedly distanced himself from Durte Dom after finding his behavior to be disgusting. Fans looked to the Frenemies podcast for any insight about the video . . . we were in luck. Another live was streamed yesterday on YouTube. 


In the live stream, Ethan Klein states that this is the last time they will be addressing the David Dobrik drama. Clearly, Trisha Paytas is angered by the apology as it dismisses Seth’s incident and Dobrik hasn’t reached out to the victims directly before posting the video. Paytas also spills the tea that her former boyfriend Jason Nash attempted to contact her, but she’s ignoring all calls and DMs. You go girl!

It’s clear that the drama is far from over, but it looks like we’ll have to go elsewhere for the latest on the Vlog Squad drama. Frenemies is officially moving on from David Dobrik and his band of merry men. We love to see the growth.  

Did you watch the latest Frenemies update? Should Ethan Klein & Trisha Paytas move on from the drama? Let us know in the comments. 

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