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The Vlog Squad drama saga continues. But what's the latest cut? Jeff Wittek has released an apology video of his own. What does the Frenemies podcast think?

The ‘Frenemies’ podcast dishes more David Dobrik tea: All the new info

The Vlog Squad drama continues! For those of you who missed it, former Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek uploaded a video on March 21st called “My Truth”, to which he delves into new allegations involving himself and the Vlog Squad, telling his side of the story in an attempt to clear his name. The allegations, placed on Wittek, David Dobrik, as well as other members of the popular Youtube group, have caused much damage. 

The video was in response to an Insider investigation that shared allegations from a woman who states that she was “raped” during the filming of a 2018 Vlog Squad video. She claims that she was given alcohol by members of the Vlog Squad until she passed out, which then led to group sex that she did not consent to.

After Jeff Wittek posted his video, Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein opted to comment on the situation on the Frenemies podcast, which might’ve unraveled even more drama. Shall we drive into the full drama involving Jeff Wittek and the Frenemies podcast?  

“My Truth”

On March 21st, 2021, Jeff Wittek uploaded the video on his YouTube account called “My Truth” to give his take on the Insider article. The article wrote about a claim made by Trisha Paytas that suggested Wittek brought alcohol for underage girls. Of course, Wittek denies these claims in his video. 

He said the following: “It just makes me angry because it is so not true. I willingly called Insider to clear my name and to say this is complete bull s#!+. Trisha and I haven’t been so friendly with each other in the past because of the breakup with Jason Nash.”

The video, which ended with Wittek calling out both Insider as well as Trisha Paytas, caught the eyes of millions of Vlog Squad followers, garnering the attention of those unfamiliar with the situation, as well as those personal to it. 

Frenemies snaps back

Trisha Paytas, in an attempt to respond to the YouTuber’s video, clapped back during a segment of the Frenemies podcast, to which she sat down with co-host Ethan Klein and vent over the video which was only uploaded hours prior. 

Trisha Paytas & Ethan Klein questioned if Jeff Wittek had even read the Insider article, seeing as he might’ve been missing key pieces to this whole puzzle. Forced to respond, Wittek admitted that he had not read the full story. As well, Paytas challenged Wittek’s story that he had left Dobrik and the rest of the Vlog Squad for roughly two hours during the time where allegations would’ve taken place.

Paytas ultimately showed a picture that included a timestamp, proving that Jeff Wittek was present with the rest of the Vlog Squad, possibly proving him as a liar in the process of this Frenemies podcast segment. Even crazier? Paytas actually played a recording posted by the reporter who had interviewed Wittek regarding the incident, which showed that both the interview and Wittek’s updated story did not match.


YouTube apology tour

Wittek’s video, albeit met with backlash, isn’t the first in the line of Vlog Squad apology videos. Last week, David Dobrik posted his own video, titled “Let’s Talk”, to which he stated the following: “Consent is something that’s super, super important to me. Whether I am shooting with a friend, or I am shooting with a stranger, I make sure whatever video I am putting out I have the approval from that person.” 

He continued: “I have been really disappointed with some of my friends, and for that reason, I have separated from a lot of them.” 

While Dobrik’s video didn’t go on for too much longer, he concluded his apology with the following: “I also believe actions speak a lot louder than words. You can take my word for it that I’m going to change, but I will also show you and prove to you that mistakes I made before won’t be happening again.” 

How do you feel about this evolving story? Do you listen to the Frenemies podcast? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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