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With millions of followers and a group of rowdy vloggers comes a spiral of scandals. Find out who exactly is David Dobrik and why he's so controversial.

Jeff Wittek has finally revealed what happened to his face as part of his new docuseries, 'Don't Try This At Home'. Care to learn the grimacing details?

Gabbie Hanna’s time in the Vlog Squad looks far from pleasant. Watch this video from the Twitter account DefNoodles as we unpick the problematic behavior.

The Vlog Squad drama saga continues. But what's the latest cut? Jeff Wittek has released an apology video of his own. What does the Frenemies podcast think?

Will David Dobrik face the consequences for his content? How have the recent allegations affected his YouTube career? Let’s dive in.

Can you count all the times Twitter has attacked James Charles? The fashion icon has been under fire throughout his career. Take a look at the stories.