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The Vlog Squad has had its fair share of controversy over the years. But just what is Durte Dom apologizing for? Uncover his side of the story.

What does David Dobrik think he is? The controversial YouTuber makes his return to the platform after taking a hiatus. See if he mentions that controversy.

Jeff Wittek has finally revealed what happened to his face as part of his new docuseries, 'Don't Try This At Home'. Care to learn the grimacing details?

Durte Dom makes his return to the internet. Cancel him for-freaking-ever by learning about these disgusting sexual allegations against him.

Gabbie Hanna’s time in the Vlog Squad looks far from pleasant. Watch this video from the Twitter account DefNoodles as we unpick the problematic behavior.

Is Gabbie Hanna speaking out more about her time on Vlog Squad? Is she breaking an NDA to do so? See why Twitter is still holding their breath

James Charles has somehow been able to keep thriving online. Is the cancellation writing on the wall? These memes say "yes".

Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas weigh in on David Dobrik's second apology, but is it time for them to move in? Take a look in the latest news.

David Dobrik has uploaded a second apology video regarding several allegations made against him and the Vlog Squad. Who is David Dobrik? Let's delve in.