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Durte Dom makes his return to the internet. Cancel him for-freaking-ever by learning about these disgusting sexual allegations against him.

Durte Dom: Will the sexual assault allegations finally cancel this YouTuber?

Former Vlog Squad member Dominykas Zeglaitis, better known as Durte Dom, has returned to social media after a brief hiatus following sexual assault allegations. To which, we say, maybe he should have just stayed away. Because the sexual assault allegations against him, like many former and current members of the Vlog Squad, are actually disgusting.

More to the point, it makes us wonder just what it will take to officially cancel a YouTuber who has these allegations levied against him. Is it actual jail time? Is it people unsubscribing in droves? What will it take to make these people not have a platform and not prey on others anymore? It’s like freaking cockroaches trying to survive a nuclear event, you know?

The background

On March 16, Insider reported that a woman who appeared in a 2018 video for Vlog Squad leader (and also, allegedly, terrible human being) David Dobrik’s channel said that she was raped by Durte Dom on the night that the video was filmed. The woman said that she was given alcohol by members of the Vlog Squad before blacking out for a period of time.

Due to this, she was too drunk for sex with Durte Dom. Footage of her, too drunk to consent, appeared on Dobrik’s YouTube channel as part of a “threesome” storyline that involved Durte Dom. It was viewed 5 million times before the video was finally taken down at the woman’s request. Following this article, Durte Dom stopped posting on his social media channels.

Dobrik, meanwhile, posted two apologies and condemned the behavior from the former Vlog Squad member. As far as we can tell, police have not been involved in investigating the incident. 


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Durte Dom makes his return

Durte Dom, on April 17, made his social media return by posting on TikTok, where he has 2.7 million followers. The videos show the disgraced internet personality “living his best life” by waving around money and having women pour him cereal. Another shows adult film star Riley Reid saying that Durte Dom “smashed” her. To which we say, wow sir, could you be more disgusting with the allegations surrounding you? 

Other influencers, who have noticed Durte Dom’s return, are more than happy to call him the eff out. Commentary YouTuber, Angelika Oles, who focuses on drama & allegations between internet celebrities, tweeted, “Durte Dom is back on TikTok and i’m SICK.”

In March, after the article was released, YouTube confirmed that they had demonetized Durte Dom’s channel, meaning that he cannot make money from it anymore. What he really needs, however, is some serious jail time and to be banned from all social media platforms so he can’t prey on women anymore. But if we can’t get either of those things, then being unable to make money from YouTube is something.

Why can’t we get these guys cancelled?

Durte Dom is just one of many YouTubers that deserve cancellation and to be booted off the internet, such as James Charles or Jeffree Star. Unfortunately, however, it just looks like there need to be bigger (and more legal) guns brought in to deal with such matters. 

What do you think about Durte Dom’s return to the internet? Do you think that TikTok needs to boot him off the platform? What about other social media sites? Do you think that Durte Dom needs to face charges for what happened back in 2018? Sound off in the comments down below and let us know what you think about these serious allegations. 

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