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What does David Dobrik think he is? The controversial YouTuber makes his return to the platform after taking a hiatus. See if he mentions that controversy.

Who is David Dobrik? Watch the fallout as this creator returns to YouTube

Who is David Dobrik? Well, he’s a YouTuber. And, well, a pretty terrible person based on all the reports out there. Dobrik is one of the many social media personalities/influencers that has been dealing with scandals. His scandal deals with sexual assault allegations made back in March 2021. After months away, Dobrik has returned back to YouTube.

So why has David Dobrik returned to YouTube? Did his blog make any mention of the controversies that the YouTuber is undergoing? Who does David Dobrik think he is in the long term? Here’s everything that you need to know about David Dobriks (not) eagerly awaited YouTube return.

What did the allegations say?

In an article released by Business Insider back in March, a young woman given the name “Hannah” said that she was sexually assaulted and given alcohol despite being underage. According to “Hannah”, David Dobrik set up a sketch for his friend  Durte Dom (Dominykas Zeglaitis), which involved a group of young girls and to see if they would engage in group sex.

The girls said that they felt uncomfortable with this and that they wouldn’t be partaking. Allegedly, members of David Dobrik’s “Vlog Squad” Toddy Smith & Jeff Wittek left out alcohol for the underaged girls to partake in. Hannah said she partook in this and eventually blacked out. While she was blacked out, Dom took advantage of her state to engage in a threesome with her & her friend.

People would open the door to watch the act. Though many of Hannah’s friends said that she was too drunk to give consent. This rightfully caused outrage on social media and has led to a police investigation into the incident. David Dobrik, who is the ringleader here, released an insincere apology video and did not acknowledge the responsibility for his actions.


So he’s back?

Like a zit that will never really go away, David Dobrik has returned. In his return vlog, he only vaguely, if that, referenced the reason he stepped away from social media. During his hiatus, Dobrik, allegedly, has been attempting to “step up” and own his mistakes. The vlog itself just shows Dobrik giving expensive gifts to his friends & loved ones. 

The controversies themselves were only briefly alluded to in the video. Jason Nash’s mom said, “I’ve been worried about you. I’m on Xanax because of you.” And honestly? That’s pretty much it. David Dobrik seems to want to put the past behind him. Or, well, can’t mention the controversies or allegations for legal reasons, which definitely leaves a bad taste in our mouth. 

So that’s it?

Right now, that’s it. David Dobrik is just out there living his life. Though, hopefully, something happens that puts him and Dom in major hot water for what they did to “Hannah”. It’s unfair that their victim has to live with the pain over what was done to her while they just live their lives without any major consequence done to them that really impacts them. 

“Hannah” and those also negatively impacted by the videos that David Dobrik has made deserve better. They deserve not to see someone who has harmed them seemingly live his life without feeling guilt or remorse for his actions. Unfortunately, it’s apparently something that they will have to learn to live it. It certainly seems like that Dobrik will be getting off scot-free.

Do you think that David Dobrik deserves to be punished for his actions against “Hannah”? Do you think that he should be banned from YouTube? Share your thoughts in the comments down below and let us know what you think about his return. 

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