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One of the most common questions around James Charles’s ass is if he went under the knife. Here are all the worst times we saw his ass.

The worst times James Charles showed his ass online

We love asses, but do we need to see James Charles always? New year, new dramas, and with James Charles’s ass, each tweet starts a potential trend, especially if it includes a picture. While the influencer’s  Twitter & Instagram content are usually full of many makeup looks, we occasionally get a full body sneak pic that revolutionizes the internet. 

One of the most common questions around James Charles’s ass is if he went under the knife or if it responds to great genetics and a proper lifestyle. Despite profoundly denying getting butt surgery for years, last July 20th, 2022, the influencer confessed to having a Brazilian butt lift through a tweet. In fact, it’s no secret that the internet personality has been through several plastic surgeries. 

But where does the need of showing his ass off come from? In Film Daily, we think all bodies should be inhabited freely and celebrated, if exhibitionism is the way you like the most then go for it. Yet, there are several shady situations around Charles’ predatory behaviors that must be signaled to properly analyze this situation. Here’s all you need to know.

Twitter nude (August 2019)

Fortunately, each time we get more conscious as a society towards inclusion & respect. Remember that moment in life when girls were shamed over their sex tapes and nudes? God bless the ones that got to make a fortune out of it like our beloved Kim Kardashian. Anyway, some years ago in 2019 a terrifying series of hacking scandals began to affect several celebs, James Charles included. 

When something like this happens all that is left is to regain power. No one can shame you on something you take with pride, that’s the way words get dignified, like the term queer. In 2019, numerous internet personas started to share their nude photos in order to prove they were unafraid of having them shared. Although this is a brave gesture, it shouldn’t come from fear. 

Anyway, James Charles was one of these involved stars, which is why he posted a picture on Twitter that is supposed to be the only nude he’s ever taken in life. This particular case looks like something that didn’t take Charles a lot of courage to do since he likes to be seen, but does he share his image consciously? Let’s have in mind after all nudity is a delicate topic that must always be consented to.  

Making people angry with his ass (March 2020)

In 2020 James Charles’ ass was involved in several polemics. First, he tweeted that he had a “fat ass” and ended up making people angry due to his attitude. Charles has been signaled to have predatory behaviors by other public figures like Jay Alvarrez & Gage Gomez who have claimed to receive creepy Instagram DMs. Yet, he’s also been accused of catfishing in the past. 

A former high school classmate of the internet persona claimed that James Charles committed catfishing by pretending to be a girl and talking to the soccer team boys online. Ok, fooling someone with your identity is definitely not right. But we need to admit that it is quite an iconic teenage behavior of someone that is frankly discovering their gender identity.

Becoming a tendency (May 2020)

That same year in May, James Charles posted another picture of his ass under the quote “It’s a beautiful day today” and several comments came after. YouTuber Colby Brock for example responded to the word “competition”, although Charles responded there was no competition since he had already won. After this situation, 31.6k tweets came using his name becoming a tendency. 

Sometimes we as a society ignore how powerful butt can be, from making drag queens and professional football players angry, to becoming a Twitter tendency. 

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