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James Charles is heading back to the Met Gala. Roast this problematic creator on Twitter because why does he keep winning?

Why has James Charles been invited to the MET Gala again?

James Charles, controversial internet figure, has yet again been invited to the Met Gala. Why? Fashion, maybe, or people don’t care about his many controversies so long as he makes that money. Either way, he’s going back to the Met Gala, which sure is something that James Charles would do. The Internet has some feelings about this less-than-celebrated return.

So let’s go to the jokes that we all know we’re going to hear about James Charles & his Met Gala return.


You’re not wrong, friend.



Pour one out for those he’s sitting next to

Poor The Weeknd & Idris Elba.



Why is James with all the cool kids?


Tell us the theme and we may RSVP

We can dress up in “fashion” and eat high class foods. 



Yeah. No. They’re not the only ones confused.


You’re not wrong

Kids table please!


You okay, Met Gala? Did James Charles and others bribe you? 

Everyone is confused by these seating arrangements.



Just stare off into the middle distance, sadly.


D&D reference time! 

Yeah, this is Chaotic Evil for those at home.


The correct question

How does he still have a career?!?!

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