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James Charles just can't seem to stay out of the limelight. But what is the YouTube and TikTok star in trouble for now? We're not making this up.

Why’s everyone cancelling James Charles on TikTok? Peek at this scandal

James Charles has been embroiled in scandals for a long time, and it seems social media is starting to become fully fed up with everything they keep seeing. Charles rose to fame in 2016 as a high school student living in New York City with a talent for makeup application. He posted his yearbook photo online and swarms of impressed fans immediately wanted to follow his accounts.

He landed an interview on The Ellen Degeneres Show, became the first male CoverGirl model ever, and earned millions of followers across all social media platforms. Applying beautiful makeup looks and discussing his favorite makeup products have always been the basis of his content. Things were smooth sailing for the beauty guru – until scandals started unfolding left & right.

James Charles’s TikTok

Social media can be a very cutthroat business. James Charles’s TikTok currently has 35.9 million followers but he used to have a lot more. Fans are taking a step back because they’re unhappy with his behaviors and questioning why he still has a platform to continue doing what he’s doing. James Charles’s TikTok was filled with true cosmetic inspiration for many but now, his scandals are overshadowing the good.

The allegations

Bad press has clouded the success of James Charles because he’s allegedly spent quite a bit of time in communication with underage boys. The cosmetic brand Morph severed ties with him to save face and YouTube even decided to temporarily demonetize his account. 

Most recently, Charles has been exposed for another online interaction with an underage streamer who goes by the name of @RealPurpled. The twenty-two-year-old star sent a message deemed inappropriate to the seventeen-year-old and fans are quite unhappy about it. For better context, Charles posted a picture of himself in a bathrobe stating, “playing bedwars to keep me entertained”. 

As of now, cancel culture social media users are banding together to completely cancel the makeup mogul. James Charles’ TikTok followers have been leaving plenty of comments on his account showcasing their disappointment at yet another brewing scandal. This is certainly not the first time something of this nature has come to light.

Other drama he’s been in

James Charles dealt with a lawsuit from a former employee named Kelly Rocklein who passed out at a nail salon and got fired by Charles because of it. The lawsuit cited wrongful termination and failure to provide reasonable accommodation for her ailment. She also revealed the disturbing language he would use while she was on the job including calling her the B-word and casually using the N-word in front of her.

Tana Mongeau, another popular social media influencer who rose to fame on YouTube, once defended Charles to the core because she considered him a friend. After finding out he made their mutual friend, Gage Gomez, question his sexuality, she took back her defensive statements about Charles. No longer having Mongeau as an ally was a major blow.  

In March 2021, a fifteen-year-old boy posted screenshots of his messages with Charles and exposed the inappropriate conversations being shared. Charles denied knowing how young the boy was but the boy claims Charles knew all along. It isn’t looking good for the cosmetics influencer or his reputation at this point in time. James Charles’ TikTok fame might not be able to save him.

Is James Charles really canceled?

With so many former fans of James Charles questioning how he hasn’t been forcibly removed from the public spotlight, it’s pretty clear that Charles is canceled. He’s posted a number of apology videos in the past for his various scandals and it’s possible he’ll post yet another . . . but will the public actually forgive him?

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