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Is Jeffree Star really done with the drama? Grab your beauty brushes and dive into the latest Jeffree Star video. 

Does Jeffree Star discuss James Charles’s drama in tell-all YouTube video?

Is Jeffree Star really burying the hatchet? He released a video yesterday to his YouTube channel where he assured fans there would be no more drama. The beauty guru explained that, for the sake of his mental health, he was taking a step back from both LA and his previous actions, explaining to fans some of what had been going on with him behind the scenes. 

Now, his remaining viewers are wondering if Jeffree Star will address the drama between him and fellow beauty guru James Charles. However, the video focused more on Star’s own inner growth during the pandemic and his announcement that he is selling his LA home and will now live full time in Wyoming. 

But what happened in regards to the Jeffree Star vs. James Charles drama? What’s next for Jeffree Star? We searched through the video to find out. Grab your beauty brushes and dive into the latest Jeffree Star video. 

Drama, what drama? 

For those of you who may need a reminder, back in 2019 during the Tati Westbrook situation with James Charles, Jeffree Star was already notorious for getting into drama, with this situation being no exception. Star took Westbrooks’ side and declared that he knew quite a bit about Charles and the allegations against him. 

Though Star posted an apology video about the situation and how he reacted initially, Westbrook revealed in a video posted in 2020 that it was Star and his partner Shane Dawson who essentially created the feud in the first place. This led to another apology video from Star and silence from all three parties ever since. 

Though the drama has died down, many fans of these gurus are wondering just what happened behind the scenes and, more importantly, who to believe. Therefore, when Jeffree Star released his video yesterday, many assumed it would finally put the drama to rest. 

The video 

The video, however, focused more on Star’s inner turmoil over his depression and unhealthy habits as well as his newfound push toward self-care. His biggest reveal was about him selling his house in LA and his decision to live in his Wyoming house full time, though he did mention that the move would not be permanent as much of his business is in LA. 

In vague terms, Star mentioned his actions, saying how the days of him clapping back and getting involved in drama were over now that he was dedicating himself to his own care. He discussed his hardships and how, after receiving help, he was dedicated to his own happiness and keeping himself in a positive mental state. 

Many of his fans have differing views on the announcement as well as his roundabout address of past events. Twitter, of course, became their location for discussion. 

Twitter wants tea 

Many of Star’s fans & detractors took to Twitter to discuss his announcement as well as express their . . . mixed emotions on the subject. These reactions include: 

Mental health is serious, so we’re glad he’s dedicating himself to his! 

Facing your demons is never easy, but it’s true – the healing is worth it! 

 His vagueness on some of these topics can be a bit . . . disconcerting.  

 We are glad you are growing as well! 

 Seeking help is always hard, so good for you that this inspired you! 

What are your thoughts on Jeffree Star’s new video? Drop them below in the comments to help us finish off this new makeup look! 

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