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What do make-up lovers and NFL fans have in common? The answer is Jeffree Star. It's no secret that Jeffree is dating an NFL player, but this player’s

For those of us who love drag performance, there's no one more beloved than Trixie Mattel. Is she a doll at heart? Let's spill the tea.

Rumor has it, this YouTuber is losing money. Super rich or barely hanging on? Let's calculate how much Jeffree Star is really worth these days!

Does Jeffree Star have a new boyfriend? Here’s what we know about Star’s secretive relationship status.

Guess who's coming back to YouTube? See if fans are hailing the return of James Charles and Tati Westbrook – or whether they wish they'd stay offline.

After a very long year break, it seems that Tati Westbrook is finally ready to start over again. Does she address James Charles in her YouTube video?

Is Jeffree Star really done with the drama? Grab your beauty brushes and dive into the latest Jeffree Star video. 

The Jeffree Star drama tea involving his old brand Morphe is being reheated. Grab your tea cups and dive into the latest Jeffree Star drama tea. 

Recently, controversial Jeffree Star was involved in a car crash. Fans only want to know one thing – does he have a new boyfriend?