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The nude truth: Did Jeffree Star use an NFL star for publicity?

What do make-up lovers and NFL fans have in common? The answer is Jeffree Star. It’s no secret that Jeffree is dating an NFL player, but this player’s identity is still undiscovered. Aside from wondering who this guy is, the other question that pops is why are they dating each other? The NFL player probably simply likes him, but Jeffree has used this guy to call everybody’s attention. 

All publicity is good publicity, and there’s just something about dating rumors that enhances the drama & morbidity from fans. We all know Jeffree Star has a huge brain, which is why is being extra strategic in the way he has managed this relationship. The so-called “NFL Boo” has been pictured in Star’s social media since last Friday through a picture of hands holding on a private plane.

In this picture Starr & NFL Boo are traveling from LA to Wyoming according to twitter’s caption. We’re sure Star is getting a lot of fun and attention from this, but is mystery man getting some profit too?  Will NFL Boo will eventually be public with Star or is the sports title too heavy to take out of the closet still in 2023? Here’s all you need to know about this scandalous romance. 

The whole tea

As all current gossip, this tea has been all served through social media posts, from teasing fans with the presence of NFL Boo to revealing his identity. In the private jet photo, both Star & Mystery Man have their feet propped up on a neighboring seat. For a moment NFL and Star fans broke their heads  trying to figure which NFL player would be wearing the pictured black Vans.

Aside from the private jet posts, the make up artist uploaded another mirror selfie with his lover standing backwards  with the caption “His team didn’t make it to the #SuperBowl but he’s 6’6″ and plays perfect in the bedroom.” When it comes to football not all matches are played on the field. It feels like sometimes we underestimate the power of the bedroom cardio. 

Nonetheless, it looks like Star is getting in shape without having to go to the gym, so we can call this man his personal trainer too. There’s no doubt that Jeffree Star is having a lot of fun these days, yet, he was also very strategic with the way he managed the whole relationship.  Showing a little sometimes is more effective than showing the whole thing, after all, everyone is talking about Jeffree Star.

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Who is NFL Boo?

Jeffree Star is a makeup artist but little did we know how well he managed the art of strip and tease. Nonetheless, this means that no matter how long he teases us, he’ll eventually drop the curtain and let us see whatever we need to know. However, this situation opened an interesting conversation regarding sports & homophobia, since it is still a complex battleground for the LGBTs. 

Although we’re living in 2023, currently, Carl Nassib of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is the only NFL openly gay player, which is sad. Statistically at least one person out of ten people tends to be gay which makes it impossible for Nassib to be the only NFL gay. Maybe this is a good moment to wonder if spaces are still not safe enough for queer identities and do something with it. 

Anyway, just to let things clear, Nassib isn’t Star’s mystery man since he just went public with his boyfriend, who is another sportsman Danish Olympic swimmer Søren Dahl. But after all this drama, the wait was worth it since the mystery man revealed himself as Taylor Lewan  who is the American football tackle for the Tennessee Titans.

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