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Does Jeffree Star have a new boyfriend? Here’s what we know about Star’s secretive relationship status.

Does Jeffree Star have a new boyfriend? Uncover these subtle hints

Does Jeffree Star have a new boyfriend? The beauty mogul has been rumored to be in different relationships so many times in the past, it’s sometimes hard to keep up. Since Star’s makeup empire has gotten so popular, the media has grown more & more curious about his personal life, including who he’s dating. 

Scoping out his social media pages is occasionally helpful but he doesn’t like to give away all of his information at once. On Instagram, Star has over 13.5 million followers constantly checking for any hints or clues as to what’s going on in his personal life. Here’s what we know about Star’s current relationship status.

Jeffree Star’s new boyfriend

In March 2021, Distractify reported that Jeffree Star was potentially dating a new guy named Sean Van der Wilt. Van der Wilt is known to be a dancer, actor, songwriter, and singer which means he’s obviously multi-talented. If it’s true that this is Jeffree Star’s new boyfriend, then he shares something huge in common with Trisha Paytas.

She dated Van der Wilt in the past as well. Perez Hilton also tweeted about the potential pairing in March 2021 claiming that the two were a “match made in hell!” We aren’t sure if that was meant to be an insult or a compliment. 

Jeffree Star’s past romances

If Jeffree Star’s new boyfriend is officially the one to sweep him off his feet, that means the guys Star’s dated in the past are no longer relevant in his life. Some of the other men who’ve been linked to Star include Chris Crocker who he dated from 2005 to 2009. For those who don’t remember Chris Crocker, he’s a YouTube or who made the famous “Leave Britney Alone” video. That YouTube video will forever be iconic.

They obviously were able to relate when it came to social media fame & notoriety. After that, Star dated Nathan Schwandt for about five years. The two even lived together and raised a group of Pomeranians as a couple. Following that relationship, Star was romantically linked to Andre Marhold who fans were able to easily recognize based on Marhold’s tattoos. The relationship fizzled out almost as quickly as it got started. 

Rumors about Kanye West

Even though Jeffree Star’s new boyfriend is taking up his attention these days, earlier this year there were some nasty rumors about him & Kanye West making their rounds. The rumors started up right around the time that West & Kim Kardashian were announcing their divorce. 

A TikTok influencer named Ava Louise posted a complete lie about a potential romance between Star & West that never actually happened. Social media (and the news) fell for it for a couple of days there thinking it was actually true. Star ended up squashing the rumor completely in a YouTube video. 

Jeffree Star’s empire

Whoever lands in a relationship with Jeffree Star, whether it’s really Sean Van der Wilt or not, needs to be prepared for a life in the limelight. Star is incredibly famous ever since he started posting YouTube tutorials showcasing how to accomplish his beautiful makeup artistry. People all over the world wish they could do their makeup as stunningly flawless as Star but the standards he’s set are almost unmatchable.

Jeffree Star’s scandals

Although a lot of people are focused on Jeffree Star’s new boyfriend right now, in the past, his scandals have been the main focus of the conversation. In October 2020, he was accused of sexual assault and ended up paying $10,000 to the accusers even though he denied all allegations. 

This isn’t the only time he’s gotten in trouble with the public. He was caught using racial slurs when he was about nineteen or twenty years old and once those videos resurfaced, he came forward with an apology statement. With everything that’s happened in Star’s scandalous history, hopefully, he’s able to settle down and continue doing a better job in life moving forward staying far away from any scandals.

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