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Does Jeffree Star have a new boyfriend? Here’s what we know about Star’s secretive relationship status.

Jeffree Star, the internet will not keep your name out of its mouth. Who's his mystery boyfriend? Dive into the latest conspiracy.

Jeffree Star is known for being one of the most influential makeup gurus in the world. Has Star added to his list of boyfriends?

Even if you’re not into beauty gurus, there’s no way you haven’t heard of Jeffree Star. Who's his mystery boyfriend?

Jeffree Star is no stranger to the limelight, and many stars have been named in his boyfriend rumors. Check out this beauty guru's dating timeline here.

Jeffree Star has never failed to make headlines. Has his most recent ex-boyfriend exposed Star for his scandalous ways? Let’s find out.

Want to keep track of all the Jeffree Star allegations on Twitter? Let’s dive into Star’s latest controversial drama.

Jeffree Star has be embroiled in countless internet dramas at this point. Now people are wondering if his ex-boyfriend was a fake.

Jeffree Star keeps talking about a new boyfriend on Twitter. At first he was coy about it, but social media quickly figure out who he's dating.