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Jeffree Star keeps talking about a new boyfriend on Twitter. At first he was coy about it, but social media quickly figure out who he's dating.

Jeffree Star keeps talking about a new lover on Twitter: Who is it?

Jeffree Star turned heads on social media after he posted a photo with a mysterious person. The photo showed Star sitting on the person’s lap and hugging them, while the caption underneath it read, “Thankful for all the blessings God has brought into my life this year.” Fans were quick to theorize that the person in question is Star’s new lover.

Some eagle-eyed subscribers were able to distinguish the tattoos on the arm of the mysterious person and determine that he’s actually a professional basketball player named Andre Marhold. He graduated from Mecklenburg High School in 2009 and recently played for Germany’s Giessen 46ers.

Despite having been together a short time, Star and Marhold have had to contend with a torrent of social media drama. Star got into a Twitter feud with a woman claiming to be Marhold’s ex-girlfriend after she accused Star of being a racist.

New relationship

“My ex is on the shade room for f–king Jeffree Star is not how I planned to start my day,” the woman wrote. He doesn’t even like black people . . .” The woman also implied that Star may be paying Marhold for his companionship.

Star seemingly addressed the woman in a series of tweets, where he pegged people’s criticisms as “insecurities” that have nothing to do with him. “I know it’s devastating news for some people, but I don’t give money to anyone I’m dating or anyone who is f–king me”, he wrote. “Work on your own insecurities sis, I’m not the problem.”

Marhold’s romance with Star also led to a confrontation with a woman claiming to be the mother of his child. She went on a venomous Instagram rant against Marhold, in which she accused him of being a deadbeat dad and abandoning his family. Rumors have also circulated that the woman is Marhold’s wife, but nothing has been confirmed.

Social media feuds

“@Jeffreestar is a guy. I am a woman. I can’t offer what he has,” the woman wrote. “But I would’ve respected the fact that you told me for health reasons. The same lips you put on me and our son are the exact same lips your [sic] putting on a DUDE!”

“[I’ve] seen the signs. I ignored them. I put my life on the line for you and your career,” she added. “I held you down and you know I stepped out of my comfort zone in every way possible. I did things for you that I didn’t even feel comfortable doing but this is what I get. I ignored the f–king signs! Just one call to explain all of this would be great that’s all I ask.”

Star got back on Twitter to clarify Marhold’s marital status. “I don’t hang out with married men. I’m not going to repeat myself again so read it twice,” he wrote. “Marriage licenses are public record. Common sense is not so common.”

Rumor mill 

Star also re-addressed the rumors that Marhold is with him for the money, or that he might not be attracted to men. “Remember when I heard ‘he’s only with you for the money’ for 5 years with Nathan? I’m so bored of that rhetoric,” Star tweeted. “ The concept of being attracted to both genders, still REALLY has some people confused.”

The “Nathan” in question is Star’s ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. The pair dated for five years, but decided to call it quits after a series of personal hardships in January 2020. Star posted a video confirming the split on Youtube, where he explained that he was “devastated.” He cited hardships like the death of their dog and Schwandt not wanting to be in the spotlight as contributing to their decision.

Marhold has yet to publicly comment on his relationship with Star.

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