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Whenever it seems like Jeffree Star has driven the final nail into his coffin, he emerges once again. Here's the latest on the age of Jeffree Star.

The age of Jeffree Star? Controversial star avoids cancelling

Whenever it seems like Jeffree Star has driven the final nail into his coffin, he emerges once again, glittering with popularity. While many have been pushing for the Youtube celeb to be canceled for one racist comment after another, Jeffree Star continues to hold onto his toxic platform. 

Star’s common cohort, Shane Dawson – a total trashlord – is finally falling down in flames. Footage of Dawson’s horrible jokes about racism, pedophilia, & beastiality continue to resurface, losing him over a million subscribers. When Tati Westbrook claimed Dawson & Star manipulated her into destroying James Charles’s career, Dawson’s cancellation basically was finalized. 

Despite these claims against him, Jeffree Star has become sparse online, posting nothing on social media – providing no support to his partner Shane Dawson. Yet, somehow Star’s popularity remains impervious. We can help but express our frustration. How does Jeffree always bounce back, totally unscathed? This beauty queen’s reign is oppressive – why are so many still obsessed with him? 

Bulletproof standards

The internet is in a period of “call-outs” right now which has fueled the fire for all kinds movements like #MeToo in Hollywood, Twitch, & simply all over the place. However, not all call-outs are created equal for some strange reason. Jeffree star is a prime example of these hypocritical standards. 

It’s hard to sum up the list of Jeffree Star’s controversial behavior. He’s been captured being violent, issuing racist language & abuse, spreading performative self-harm content, and releasing insensitive products. But somehow, Jeffree Star remains bulletproof to these criticisms. Our generation pardons our favorite makeup diva and Star just shakes it off. 

Similar to celebrities accused of sexual harassment & assault like Morgan Freeman & Chris Brown, Jeffree Star so often gets off scot-free – fans refusing to let the image of their favorites be tarnished. In the words of marketing director of Tailify, Esme Rice: “I believe some influencers are held to different standards. And often this is a reflection of how they are originally portrayed.”

Brand of controversy 

Jeffree Star may be famous for his eCommerce makeup brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics, but his true brand is controversy. Star revels in the limelight – desperate to do anything to get viewership. What creates buzz like nothing else? Hot gossip, controversy, total chaos. Jeffree Star is always willing to oblige. We’re writing about him right now are we not? 

While Star’s behavior does provide us with juicy Youtube drama, it’s also incredibly harmful. As a materialistic billionaire, Jeffree Star bullies his fans with profuse flexing and teaches many that it’s okay to act without being sensitive to other people’s feelings. We may be addicted to his sparkly lifestyle & sassy jokes, but giving him watches is giving him encouragement. 

Jeffree Star treats his platform as if he’s using a persona of fashionable chaos but doesn’t own up to the responsibility of that character. Some celebrities, such as Mongeau (who has also had a long history of controversial behavior), use their mistakes to start a conversation and learn from their controversial behavior. But does Jeffree? Nah. 

Change isn’t strange

We live in a world of empty apologies. We do something wrong, we apologize, we forget about it, and we repeat the cycle. Internet personalities may feel as though they have a reputation to uphold and that they have to stick to the shtick that made them famous in the first place. Jeffree Star is guilty of resorting to his controversial behavior over & over again, despite claiming he’ll change. 

For example, Jeffree Star consistently inserts himself into other people’s drama. When Westbrook accused Charles for inappropriate behavior, Star called him a “predator” and a “danger to society” but then claims he’d never get involved again. Not long afterwards, Star’s back at it, involved in dozens of dramas since then. Star never changes. Once a villain, always a villain. We start to expect it from him. 

Undying fans

Along with the “King of Youtube” – Shane Dawson – Star has a fanbase that will seemingly never dissipate. He has over 17 million followers, many of whom absolutely adore him. But even if many fans succeed, that still leaves a wild number clinging onto Jeffree Star, adamantly defending him. With some popular icons like Star, it seems as though it doesn’t even matter what they do – they’ll still have reign. 

Though many have felt attached to Jeffree back when Youtube was still up-and-coming, it’s important to realize that he really isn’t a dear friend of yours – he’s manipulative and damaging. Even if YouTubers say endearing things to “you” (which means a mass of viewers) that doesn’t mean you should support them. Let go of Jeffree Star, and find new talent waiting to be discovered.  

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