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Is the online backlash to a joyous family announcement a sign of the times or a deeper societal issue? This week, Shane Dawson, a YouTube heavyweight with over

Both controversial and wildly popular, TikTok influencers Tana Mongeau and Bryce Hall continue to spark dating rumors. Is any of it true?

Shane Dawson has returned to YouTube, so naturally the memes are flowing. Get ready to save these to your phone as we dive into these Shane Dawson memes!

Shane Dawson said, “Blackface was something I did a lot — like, I did it a lot on my channel." So why is he returning to YouTube?

Shane Dawson may have just announced his planned comeback to his fans on IG, but do people actually want it? Let's take a look at the deets here.

Hide everything because there's a possible Shane Dawson YouTube return in the cards. Luckily, these memes will help you.

Guess who's coming back to YouTube? See if fans are hailing the return of James Charles and Tati Westbrook – or whether they wish they'd stay offline.

After a very long year break, it seems that Tati Westbrook is finally ready to start over again. Does she address James Charles in her YouTube video?

Why are Shane Dawson memes flooding our Twitter feeds? Well, the controversial YouTuber may be coming back. Take a deep breath and see the online reactions!