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Shane Dawson may have just announced his planned comeback to his fans on IG, but do people actually want it? Let's take a look at the deets here.

Did Shane Dawson just announce his return to YouTube on IG?

After a very long wait from fans, could YouTuber Shane Dawson actually be returning for good? The social media personality and influencer has often made many hints throughout this past year that he was going to be posting videos again soon, but this time, it seems like we’ll be getting a return very, very soon. But one pressing question remains in all of our minds: do we even want Shane Dawson back on social media? 

While the star may still have some loyal fans that have stuck around waiting for new content, it was made pretty clear last year that he had been cancelled from the internet. After all, we can’t forget about all of the problematic, extremely racist, pedophilic, and overall just horrible jokes that he was exposed for making throughout his career. But recently, Shane Dawson took to IG to express he was going to make a strong comeback. 

How have most people on social media been reacting to this surprising announcement? Are people loving it, or are folks making it clear that they have not forgotten about all the problematic actions he’s done in the past? Let’s take a look at what exactly Shane Dawson said on his IG that has fans shook, how people have been reacting to his announced comeback so far, as well as what he got cancelled for here. 

Making a return

Ever since Shane Dawson was cancelled over a year ago after Twitter exposed him for harmful and offensive jokes he made in the past, the YouTuber announced to the world that he was going to be taking a step back from his social media platforms. But now, it seems like the thirty-three-year-old star has had a long enough break, and he’s ready to start over again. Shane Dawson made it clear he was making a comeback on his IG page. 

On IG, Shane Dawson wrote on an Instagram story to his very loyal fans: “Also I’m ready to create again and make something I’m excited about. Just waiting for inspiration to hit”. In the past, he’s also made tons of updates on his planned return to social media through his YouTube account, where he occasionally makes posts and updates about his life, and he also makes sure to shout out his fiance Ryland Adams. 

The star shared on his YouTube: “Ryland’s been documenting our move on his channel. Check it out if you want to see what we’ve been up to :) (ps. I know it’s been a long time and I know I let a lot of you down. I promise I’m going to try to make things right and I’ll continue to own up to my past for the rest of my life. Actions speak louder than words so I know it’s going to take time. I completely understand that with all my heart”.

Getting back to the swing of things

The social media influencer also wrote: “As far as youtube goes I really want to get back to making stuff for my channel again that I’m excited about and that means something. I’m genuinely feeling really good mentally right now and I’m just wanting so bad to make something cool for you guys. I’ve been staying up all night just brainstorming and getting excited about the idea of filming, editing, and posting something again”. 

It was over a year ago when Dawson was cancelled from Twitter after an account compiled videos and audio recordings of him into one long thread. The clips were taken from old videos and podcasts that he had posted earlier on in his career when he was known for making darker and more twisted jokes. The jokes he made were incredibly offensive and racist, and some even included jokes of pedophilia and beastiality. 

So far, it does not seem like the internet has forgotten about all of the horrible things he has said. While of course the star has managed to maintain a loyal fanbase that has stuck by his side through his cancellation, the responses to his comeback have been mixed. As of now, we’ll just have to wait and see how the internet will truly respond after Shane Dawson does make his official comeback. 

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