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We all love our 2000s Disney Channel movie stars. If you're missing the beloved Zac Efron, check out all the best movies he's in on Netflix here.

Billie Eilish has really been switching it up on her fans. Does this latest sexy Instagram prove she's entering a new era?

It's Non-Binary Awareness week, folks! Kick off the celebrations by looking at this Instagram post from Demi Lovato.

Looks like the DaBaby is celebrating the release of his upcoming new album with a sweet tooth! But at what cost? Check out these hilarious memes.

Cardi B really goes all out to make sure her kids have nothing but the best. Check out how the rapper celebrated her daughter's third birthday here.

Lil Nas X is unapologetically himself (which is why we love him) and nowhere is that more true than on his IG. Let's dive in.

Halsey surprised her fans on Insta after giving an exclusive update on her upcoming album. Peek at her gorgeous album art here.

'Gossip Girl' is here and so is the question: who is the new GG? Here's the tea on her identity and whether or not she's actually worth your

Will you still be able to watch your favorite Instagram Reels? Dive into Insta's new plan to make some stories and content 100% exclusive.