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Get the latest scoop on former Hillsong "rockstar" pastor Carl Lentz now. From scandal to solitude in Tulsa, Oklahoma, indulge in this tale of redemption and reinvention.

Where is ‘Hillsong’ “rockstar” pastor Carl Lentz now?

With a rollercoaster storyline that rivals a particularly tumultuous episode of The Crown, the saga of Hillsong Church’s one-time rockstar pastor, Carl Lentz, came to a spicy crescendo nearly three years ago. Following a scandal that could’ve given Anna Delvey a run for her money, many fans began questioning, “Where is Carl Lentz now?” This month, as Lentz and his wife Laura toasted to their 20th wedding anniversary, signs of renewal began to emerge from their corner. Leaving Florida’s palm-fringed vistas behind, they packed up for sleepy Oklahoma where a strategically planned career move awaited Carl at the Transformation Church in Tulsa.

“Redemption in the heartlands”

The former “rockstar” pastor of mega-church Hillsong, Carl Lentz, fell from grace amid scandal and controversy. After reeling from infidelity and a swift firing from his church, Carl Lentz now embraces a quieter life in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he works as a strategist at Transformation Church. Away from the glaring New York limelight, Lentz focuses on repairing his family life and making amends in his marriage.

Carl and Laura Lentz’s relationship, once thrust into tumult by public scandal, is now described as being in a beautiful, happy and deliberately honest place. The couple marked their 20th wedding anniversary recently, symbolizing two decades of a journey filled with both joy and, undoubtedly, heartache. With Lentz’s new post being a steady departure from his former glam-rock pastoral style, it appears both Lentzes are focused on recovery and rebuilding.

Facing the challenges head-on, Laura Lentz shared in a stirring Instagram post her admiration for her husband’s commitment to their family. She writes of his humility and focus to provide for their family, acknowledging the path she chose for her marriage may not be suitable for everyone. Amidst the turmoil, the Lentzes have demonstrated, at least in their public life, a collective spirit to heal, evolve, and thrive in spite of the odds.

Backstage at the Redemption Tour

As the phrase goes, “The show must go on”, and it appears Carl Lentz is determined to not only continue the performance of his life, but improve upon it. Against the backdrop of a scandal that would have rattled even the most steadfast Downton Abbey aristocrat, Lentz has spent recent years in pursuit of personal sobriety and familial redemption. Ostensibly, the former “rockstar” has transitioned into a careful choreographer, prioritizing his relationship with wife Laura and their children above all else.

Lentz’s Instagram revelations have the ring of a heartfelt testimonial session, the sort that wouldn’t feel out of place in an episode of “Queer Eye” — albeit, with more tears than French tucks. According to the former Hillsong pastor, his goals have run parallel between maintaining sobriety and fighting for his family. Lentz expressed that their journey to healing has been long and arduous, yet optimism shines through his words like the glittering twinkle of a “RuPaul’s Drag Race” sequin under spotlight. Their relationship, Lentz candidly revealed, is now in a ‘beautiful, happy and deliberately honest place’.

Offering her own perspective via Instagram, Laura Lentz struck a lonely chord reminiscent of a tragic heroine of a ‘Mad Men’ sub-plot. Acknowledging that her path isn’t for everyone, she nonetheless voices her contentment—and pride—for decision to stand by her husband. Like an ad executive striving for the perfect pitch, Carl Lentz appears to be delivering on his promise to focus on their family, his foremost priority. Indeed, what’s happening with Carl Lentz now is akin to an intriguing new chapter, leaving fans and detractors curious about what life holds in store for these denizens of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Finding peace in the plains

Post-Hillsong and post-scandal, former rockstar pastor Carl Lentz now approaches life with a humility that is as refreshing as it is surprising. His relocation to Tulsa, Oklahoma signifies more than just a change of scenery, it’s a commitment to healing and transforming—that too as a strategist at Transformation Church.

Celebrating their 20th year of togetherness among quiet Oklahomaans, Carl and Laura Lentz have chosen to publicly express that their partnership is in a beautiful, happy and deliberately honest place. Turning a page from glitzy ecclesiastical glamour, their focus now is on recovery and rehabilitation, a marked departure from Lentz’s former paparazzi-packed pastoral lifestyle.

Laura Lentz, using Instagram as a platform, expressed her admiration for her husband’s commitment to their family, citing his humility, and focus on their well-being. An implicit acknowledgement that the route they have chosen, whilst not for the faint of heart, has helped them navigate the stormy seas towards calmer waters.

From Hot Mess to Healed

The gripping ride of Carl Lentz, once dubbed the “rockstar” pastor of Hillsong Church, could give the tumultuous plot twists of Downton Abbey a run for their money. Yet, while the dramatis personae of the iconic period drama found solace within the confines of their aristocratic bubble, the real-life narrative of Lentz is far from over. The fallen shepherd, who once led the spiritual flock in New York, is now in Tulsa, Oklahoma, far from the relentless scrutiny and gossip of the Big Apple.

Just as the phoenix rises from the ashes, Carl Lentz now emerges from the shadows of his scandalous past. A new job, a new location, and it appears, a new resolve to make things right. Earning his stripes as a strategist at Transformation Church, Lentz has swapped his white color for a distinctly subtler shade of humility. The pièce de résistance? His relationship with Laura, his wife of 20 years, now blossoming in what he calls ‘a beautiful, happy and deliberately honest place.’

Distant are the days of high-profile sermons and celebrity congregations. Today, Lentz’s narrative is tinged with the quiet determination of a prodigal son returning home. Despite the grim echoes of the past, Laura Lentz chose to stand by her man, admiring his newfound dedication to their family. An Instagram post re-iterates her controversial decision, revealing a woman resolved to brave the storm by her partner’s side for the sake of their family. Bleak as it may sound, it is this raw, unadulterated honesty that holds a mirror to the complex reality of life and relationships, ensuring the tale of Carl Lentz resonates far beyond the boundaries of Oklahoma.

Embracing the Sober Life

Carl Lentz’s fall from grace was as fast as it was fierce. Around three years ago, his infidelity and subsequent removal from Hillsong captured headlines, raising eyebrows and questions about his next steps. Today, images of Carl Lentz now, bespeak tales of redemption and personal growth. Swapped are the bright lights and glamour of New York for the relative tranquility of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Lentz has taken on a quieter, steadier role at Transformation Church.

Once the eyes of the world watched as he delivered sermons to star-studded congregations; today, Lentz is dedicating his efforts to repairing his personal life and rebuilding trust within his family. A touch of Dorian Gray perhaps, the once bright star of the mega-church, now leading a life more attuned with the quiet portraits of the novel’s later years.

On Instagram, Lentz opened up about his struggles, conveying sincerity, remorse and a determination to make amends with his wife, Laura, and their kids. If life were a season of ‘Breaking Bad’, one could say Lentz has reached peak Walter White – another fallen man seeking redemption. Laura Lentz, her strength reminiscent of Skyler White, echoed her husband’s sentiments in a heartfelt Instagram post, applauding his responsibility-taking stride. The Lentz family script, ala Jesse Pinkman, it seems, is definitely headed for ‘A Better Call, Love’.

Picking Up the Pieces

In the span of three years, the dazzling spotlight that once followed the ‘rockstar’ pastor of Hillsong Church, Carl Lentz, has dimmed substantially. The ensuing scandal was a paparazzo’s dream, lending the entire saga an aura reminiscent of a gripping telenovela. But stripped of its sensationalism, the question on everyone’s lips was pretty straightforward: “What happened to Carl Lentz now?”

Thankfully, the suspense didn’t linger. Much like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Lentz has resurfaced. From the sunny beaches of Florida to the quaint scenery of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Lentz’s journey has been underpinned by a surprising twist – a new job at Transformation Church that seems more subdued than his previous pastoral prominence.

In an Instagram post, Lentz talked about his efforts to mend the broken bonds within his family. Laura Lentz, in another heartfelt Instagram entry, echoed her husband’s sentiments. She spoke of the difficult journey they undertook and praised her husband’s commitment to their family. The positive transformation isn’t lost on the ever-watchful public eye, raising questions about the longevity of their newfound stability and happiness.

Second Act in the Sooner State

For now, it seems the telenovela-esque tale of the former Hillsong pastor has quieted down. For Carl Lentz now, Oklahoma offers not only a new career but a chance to heal, and reinvent himself away from the flashy life that once titillated his audience. Love, as every good Shakespearean drama espouses, appears to have been the cure for Lentz’s own tragic fall from grace. In his pursuit of redemption, Lentz finds solace in a beautiful, happy and deliberately honest place – his 20-year marriage and his steadfast commitment to reviving his family bonds. Just like the resolute Laura Lentz, we watch with bated breath, hopeful for the future of this prodigal pastor and his family. All’s well that ends well, perhaps? But like with all riveting reality TV, it’s clear— the show must go on. And we’ll definitely be watching.

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