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Hillsong Church has faced plenty of controversy this past year following accusations of abuse and being like a cult. Read about the story here.

Since Carl Lentz was ousted from Hillsong Church, the church has dealt with a PR disaster. Delve into how Lentz's actions led to more allegations.

Since Carl Lentz was fired from Hillsong Church for adultery, allegations against the church have exploded. See all the tea here.

Do you need any more reasons to resent Hillsong Church? Hold off on that next tithe and learn about the megachurch members' decadent lifestyle!

What really went behind doors in the Hillsong Church? Find out everything about the allegations of forced labor.

The allegations against Hillsong Church are drawing comparisons to MLM cult NXIVM. Read into what is occurring behind closed doors at Hillsong.

Chris Pratt opens up about the declaration that he is the worst Chris in Hollywood. Drink in the piping hot gossip about how he took the title.

Hillsong Church pastor Carl Lentz was fired, but it's not the only scandal rocking the church. Read all about the newest controversies here.

Hillsong Church advertised itself as a symbol of inclusion in Christianity. Today it's rot with scandal after scandal. Read the newest ones here.