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Freeform’s latest millennial-targeted TV show 'Siren' features an emerging love triangle with marine biologists Maddie Bishop and Ben Pownall with mysterious and gorgeous mermaid Ryn — and it’s

Former 'Friends' star Jennifer Aniston has been tapped to play America's first lesbian president in the upcoming Netflix film 'First Ladies'. To celebrate, here’s a ranking of seven

It’s a sad day for TV, folks – Fox’s hit comedy 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' has been cancelled after a five season run. This is just one of the casualties

For many people May is the season to traipse around music festivals, crack cold ones on the beach, and spend hours avoiding wasps as barbecues. But for us,

'Scandal' has officially scandaled its last scandal, wrapping up the seven-season run with a series finale that explored the consequences of going public with B613 and the corruption

In the past decade, there’s been an onslaught of controversial rape scenes on TV. However, in the era of MeToo & Time’s Up movement the TV landscape may

With news that Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder are to cross over in the near future, Murder creator Peter Nowalk sat down with Deadline to

Netflix has been busy competing with TV networks and other on-demand providers by partnering up with some big names lately. Perhaps the most exciting of them is TV