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There's a lot of uproar regarding Shane Dawson and his newborn. What's the deal? These details say it all.

Do these memes prove Shane Dawson should stay off YouTube?

Shane Dawson has returned to YouTube, so naturally the memes have been flowing. Shane Dawson posted his official return to YouTube video yesterday, launching his new series “The Haunting of Shane Dawson,” causing many to use memes to showcase their distress at his return as well as the hilarity of the situation.  

This comes after an almost year hiatus after controversial clips of Dawson’s use of blackface, the N-word, and other offensive comments resurfaced last year. Additional accusations of animal abuse have come out in that time, adding fuel to the fire of both the anger at Shane Dawson as well as the memes made about him. 

Naturally, Twitter is the hub of this new collection of Shane Dawson memes as well as a nice time capsule of the many classics. We scrolled through the threads to find the best Shane Dawson memes to remind you why his return may not have been his best idea. Get ready to save these to your phone as we dive into these Shane Dawson memes. 

Same picture 

You don’t even have to squint to see the similarities. 


Aka us when we first saw the thumbnail

Oh no 

That’s a whole lot of nope going on right there . . . . 

Not subscribed 

What is up with that, YouTube

Still subscribed 

Asking the hard hitting questions here . . . . 

Like em all 

Glad to see people are enjoying the chaos

That moment when 

That face though . . . . ! 


*Eating the HotPocket anyway* What? 

Off the presses

Definitely still true now . . . . 


It’ll be ok dude . . . . yeah, they need a second . . . . 

Have any other hilarious Shane Dawson memes? Drop them below in the comments to keep this thread going!

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