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Drew Binsky: From Globe-Trotter to Author – “Just Go”

Popular travel YouTuber and content creator Drew Binsky, known for visiting every country in the world, shares his experiences and insights in his new book, “Just Go: A Globe-Trotting Guide to Travel Like an Expert, Connect Like a Local, and Live the Adventure of a Lifetime,” releasing on May 21, 2024.

In 2021, Drew Binsky completed his 10-year mission to travel to all 197 countries. Now, for the first time, Drew unveils his wildest stories and best moments, even from places deemed the most dangerous by the UN, like Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen.

“Just Go” offers readers the adventure of a lifetime, presenting not only the tricks Drew himself used in his travels but also the best-kept secrets from every corner of the world. This practical handbook is equally a celebration of people and cultures across the globe.

hiking in hawaiian paradiseDrew, can you share with us the initial spark that ignited your passion for travel and ultimately led you on this decade-long journey to visit every country in the world?

Drew Binsky: “The initial spark was studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic when I was 20 years old. Before I could legally drink in America, I seized an opportunity to travel to Europe and visit a bunch of countries, meet people, and connect with different cultures and experiences. I was fortunate to learn the freedom of travel at a young age. Prague was definitely the spark that inspired my decade-long journey to visit every country in the world.”

Throughout your extensive travels, you must have faced numerous challenges. Could you tell us about one particular moment that tested your resolve more than any other?

“Obtaining a visa can be a big challenge. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to have a U.S. passport as it has allowed me easy entry into many places. That being said, there are some countries that make it really difficult to enter as an American citizen. For example, the first time I applied for a visa for Afghanistan, I literally had to beg the embassy in Singapore who denied me. Eventually, I had to go to the embassy in Kuala Lumpur and prove that I was not a threat in any way, shape, or form. Finally, they believed that I was too legit to quit and I finally obtained the golden ticket.”

Having visited some of the places labeled as the most dangerous in the world, like Afghanistan and Syria, how do you prepare for these visits, both mentally and logistically?

It’s impossibly hard to prepare to walk into a war zone. My advice is to do your research, read and pay attention to the news, keep a low profile, and then put your trust in local people that you have paid to be your tour guide and let them do their job. Don’t wear anything flashy, wear local clothes, and try not to flaunt your cameras and phones. It’s important to go with the flow and blend in as best as you can.


You have over 10 million followers on social media and billions of video views. What do you think attracts people to your travel narratives and videos?

I think I’m very approachable and honest about my travel experiences. Being 32 years old, I feel that I’m relatable to people between the ages of 20 and 40, which is my core audience. I try to be as transparent as possible and offer an authentic perspective of what it feels like to visit places. If I don’t like something, I’ll say I don’t like it.

With such extensive travel, how do you deal with the physical and mental toll? Any tips for aspiring globe-trotters on maintaining health and wellness on the road?

“Traveling extensively can be extremely stressful and I often deal with burnout. It’s important to work out on a consistent basis, eat healthy, and sleep. But the most important tip I have is to give yourself breaks. For example, instead of traveling two to three months at a time, try to book one or two-week adventures and either go home in between or find a home base such as getting an Airbnb for a week. Try to establish a home base while traveling extensively as best as you can.”

What role do race, religion, and acceptance of diversity play in your travel videos and narratives?

“I’m interested in everyone and everything: every religion, race, and belief. I think it’s really important to give a spotlight to everyone in the world, which is why I love traveling to lesser-known and faraway places in Africa, Asia, South America, and Antarctica. On my YouTube channel, I make a concerted effort to share what I feel are positive and interesting stories about my experiences traveling around the world.”

hiking in hawaiian paradiseYour book “Just Go” suggests a proactive approach to travel. What is the core message you hope readers will take away from your guide?

“The world is safer than you think. And 99.999% of people in the world are good, positive, happy, and uplifting people that want to share their countries, culture, and stories with those visiting in the hope of making a new friend or three at the same time.”

Finally, for someone inspired to follow in your footsteps but unsure where to start, what’s the first step you’d recommend taking towards a life of adventure and global exploration?

“I’d start by saying, “just go.” That’s my motto. And those are the two words I wear across my chest every day. Whether it’s driving to a neighboring town, buying your first plane ticket, or traveling to a place you’ve always dreamt of visiting, take a leap of faith and “just go!”


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