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Tired of watching sh^& burn across the great United States? Maybe immigration to Canada is an option? Here are other countries worth looking at.

Spring break travels, as well as early summer vacation plans, were all cancelled months ago due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here's the latest airline news.

Disney World resorts and other Disney properties have all been shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here's what not to do when they reopen.

We have 'Money Heist' season 4 fever too, so we did the leg work for you, and found some of the best Spanish locations to check out.

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If you loved the locations in 'Anne with an E' as much as we did, consider checking out these places the next time you’re free to roam.

Is there a haunted house near me? When the quarantine lifts and it’s safe to travel, here are some of the best haunted houses in the US to

The 2013 film 'The Conjuring' is one of the best and scariest films of the 2010’s. Well, good news, you can now virtually visit 'The Conjuring' house!