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Jeffree Star is in the news again for another racist thing he did in his past again and it's all over Twitter. Here's what we know.

All the reasons why Twitter should just cancel Jeffree Star permanently

Jeffree Star is in the news again for another racist thing he did in his past again. At this point, his PR team probably has a pre-typed apology ready to go every time a new scandal pops up that sounds genuine enough for his fans to buy into it. But that’s the problem with the beauty guru. 

Not once has Jeffree Star ever truly been cancelled. Even if the #JeffreeStarIsOverParty starts trending on Twitter, the next day he’s back up to his usual follower numbers and has millions in sales on his palettes. Wynona Ryder was cancelled longer for shoplifting than Jeffree has been for any of his scandals. 

It’s not fair to those who he hurts by his actions, it’s not fair to those who stay unproblematic yet can’t get views like Jeffree Star, and it’s not fair to his fans who are supporting a man that clearly doesn’t actually feel bad about anything he’s done. Jeffree Star should’ve been cancelled long ago, and he’s a reminder of his actions why he should’ve been canned. 

His splash page full of problematic content

We’ll start with the most recent controversy. A website recently resurfaced of Jeffree’s that had graphic photos of him self-harming, him posing with a confederate flag, and calling people obsessed with makeup “lipstick nazis”. His apology blames all this on him being an edgy 17-year-old, but even a 17-year-old should know better than that. 


The Kat Von D and Laura Lee drama

We’re not going to go into the full details about the drama itself, but what did come of his falling outs with both women was the revelations of his racist comments in private. Liberal use of the N-word, calling Mexicans poor, etc. Of course, he’s addressed his controversial past many times, but these accusations were fairly recent, while they were friends with him. 

The battery acid comment

In a sketch on his old MySpace page, Jeffree Star was talking with a drag queen and said he wanted to dump battery acid on a black woman to lighten her skin, and therefore match her foundation. 

Naturally, no one was okay with that comment especially with the high rates of violence against black women and the use of battery acid in the Middle East during domestic disputes. He apologized, and once again still remained on top of the beauty community. 

Harassing a fan over a valid complaint

Twitter user and Jeffree Star stan @cierajewelmua tweeted at the guru about her highlighter she bought from him having a hair in it. Not only did Star completely ignore the issue, but also blocked the user and tweeted that she was “cruel” for tweeting such a thing. Jokes on Star though, because she wasn’t the only fan complaining about stray hairs. 

The Cremated Palette

What better time to release a gothic palette themed around cremation and death than in the midst of a deadly pandemic? Granted, “I’m deceased” is a common catchphrase of Star’s, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that the palette themed around death is coming out at a bad time.

Of course, he brushes it off saying people he loved were cremated, and he’s not doing this to be negative but to be positive, and those criticizing him are reading too much into it. Or, maybe he just doesn’t want to admit that he didn’t want to push his palette off any longer since he’s selfish and decided to drop it now anyway.

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    July 16, 2020
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      September 29, 2020
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