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Jeffree Star is no stranger to the limelight, and many stars have been named in his boyfriend rumors. Check out this beauty guru's dating timeline here.

Ex-boyfriend: All the men Jeffree Star tried to ruin before Kanye

Pop open a bottle of wine, snack on an edible, and make peace with your deity of choice. We’re talking about Jeffree Star & Kayne West today. The rapper and the YouTuber make the most unlikely pairing, but this isn’t the first relationship Star has handled publicly. 

Here are all the men Jeffree Star dated before his alleged affair with Kanye West – an alleged affair that Star has debunked on Twitter and YouTube. The following men are ones that Jeffree Star has been confirmed to date.

Chris Crocker

Jeffree Star dated fellow YouTube star Chris Crocker. The former couple were together from 2005 to 2009. Chris rose to fame from his viral “Leave Britney Alone!” video in 2007.

Crocker started becoming internet famous on MySpace and eventually moved to YouTube. He’s done vlogging, had a budding music career between the years of 2008 to 2013. He also created a documentary titled Me at the Zoo which aired on HBO in 2012. The documentary analyzed video sharing and social media and its effects on people’s lives. In July of 2011 Crocker began a pornography career.

Chris Crocker has stated on multiple occasions that he would like to pursue an acting career but believes that his viral Britney video and his foray into porn are hurdles that are hard to get past.

Nathan Schwandt

Jeffree Star met his boyfriend Nathan Schwandt back in 2014 and the pair dated for five years, ultimately breaking up in January of 2020. Nathan was present from the start of Jeffree’s YouTube journey, watching him grow from a small beauty guru to owning his own beauty empire.

In a video, Nathan revealed that the relationship started with him sliding into Jeffree’s Instagram DMs. The pair owned many houses together alongside a pack of fluffy Pomeranians. Star posted a video on January 11 of 2020 titled “We Broke Up.” that left the internet in a tizzy.

Schwandt had worked for Star managing the shipping department of Jeffree Star Cosmetics and modeled some of the products too. At one point Schwandt even collabed on one of the company’s makeup lines.

Andre Marhold

In August of 2020 Jeffree Star posted a picture of him sitting on the lap of basketball player Andre Marhold followed by a number of other seemingly intimate poses. Marhold’s ex-wife made it clear on Twitter she was less than pleased with the situation and even implied that Star was paying Marhold.

Not long after the two seemed to be inseparable – according to Instagram pics – things got a little crazy with Jeffree Star even writing a comment on Marhold’s Instagram saying “Hey! Since you can’t answer the phone right now, can you give me all the stuff back you stole from my house??” Apparently some Louis Vuitton luggage had gone missing.

The whirlwind romance quickly became a past tense story, likely due Star having to kick his new boyfriend to the curb.

No other known boyfriends

Jeffree Star hasn’t had any other relationships that have been public. Star has implied that he has had a number of hookups that didn’t turn into boyfriend status. He made this implication as recently as this month on Twitter when cracking a joke about the rumors he was dating Kanye West.

In reply to a Wendy Williams clip relating to the rumors, Star said: “If she only knew about the actual rappers who have visited my mouth 😂😂 Taking that shit to the grave miss thing.” So it seems we’ll never know who these hookups may have been, however the tease left a lot of people desperately curious and theorizing the possibilities.

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