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Even if you’re not into beauty gurus, there’s no way you haven’t heard of Jeffree Star. Who's his mystery boyfriend?

Not Kanye West? Who’s Jeffree Star’s new boyfriend?

Even if you’re not into beauty gurus, there’s no way you haven’t heard of Jeffree Star. The YouTuber & beauty mogul is just as famous for drama-packed relationships as he is for his makeup palettes. 

Star currently doesn’t have a boyfriend that’s known to the public eye, but his controversial dating life has been in the limelight since his latest alleged rendezvous with Kanye West. Scroll down to take a peek at Jeffree Star’s past relationships & new rumored hookups. 

Kanye West

It only took a handful of TikToks and some social media fiddling for rumors about Kanye West & Jeffree Star to circulate. As Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s divorce hearsays whirled around, shocking theories of Kanye & Jeffree Star’s alleged hookup went viral.

The rumors about the unexpected pairing of the controversial rapper and the equally, if not more, controversial YouTuber was started by Ava Louise. She’s a TikTok personality who raised many eyebrows last year after posting a video of herself licking a toilet seat for a farce “coronavirus challenge”.

In her TikTok video, Louise was quoted saying that she’d been holding on to chatter about Kanye West for a long time and that his divorce should come as “no surprise” because he’d been “hooking up with a very famous beauty guru, male beauty guru”.

As it is with such cryptic videos, social media users put on their Sherlock Holmes hats and got down to tracking the unnamed celeb. The sleuthing only served to further stir up the pot, as it didn’t take the internet too long to make the connection to Jeffree Star. 

Star has since dismissed the rumors though for once, the endless flurry of media stories put a light-hearted spotlight on him, unlike the usually questionable headlines.

André Marhold

Jeffree Star’s relationship with André Marhold reportedly kicked off in August 2020, when the former posted a picture of himself on Marhold’s lap. As with most things Jeffree Star-related, this short-lived relationship was also fizzed with drama.

Immediately after going public with his new boyfriend, Marhold’s alleged ex-girlfriend took to Twitter to slam the couple. She pointed out Star’s racist past and accused Marhold of sending her sexual videos while residing at his new beau’s home. The couple seemed relatively unfazed by the allegations. 

However, Jeffree Star’s heavily documented history of racism came in the way of his relationship. People were running with the assumption that Star is using his boyfriend as a token Black person to appear less racist. Star had just spent the whole summer entrenched in controversy and the internet believed he’s doing all this to divert the negative attention.

Instead of facing the questions, Jeffree Star and his new boyfriend side-stepped their critics and continue to flaunt their romance on social media. Unfortunately, their paradise in matching Versace robes ended acrimoniously when Jeffree Star attacked Marhold for apparently stealing from him.

Nathan Schwandt

Jeffree Star had a rock-solid relationship with his long-time boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt, for five years before their shocking split last year. The pair started talking on Instagram after Schwandt slid into Star’s DMs back in 2014. Star made their relationship Instagram official in March of 2015 with a sweet picture of the couple holding hands on the beach.

Schwandt appeared in many of Jeffree Star’s videos and even collaborated on one of Jeffree Star Cosmetics collections. Seeing Schwandt’s involvement, many of Star’s fans doubted his boyfriend’s reason for staying together.

Jeffree Star addressed his fans who claimed that Schwandt is only with him for the money by saying that “when he and Nate first met he wasn’t a millionaire, didn’t have a brand, and didn’t even have a YouTube channel yet”, according to Cosmopolitan.

Their relationship appeared to be going strong until Jeffree Star out of the blue removed “Wife of Nathan” from his Instagram bio. Star later confirmed the split from boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in January of 2020. In a YouTube video, Star explained to his fans: “I will always have love for him, are we in love with each other? No. But we love each other and he will always be in my life”.

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