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The Jeffree Star drama tea involving his old brand Morphe is being reheated. Grab your tea cups and dive into the latest Jeffree Star drama tea. 

Did Morphe betray Jeffree Star? Dive into the intense drama now

The Jeffree Star drama tea is being reheated after Star posted he would be exposing Morphe about their apparent betrayal on Twitter yesterday. Jeffree Star reacted to a post made by Twitter user Def Noodles about how Morphe was continuing to sell Star’s products in TJ Maxx – despite Morphe & Star no longer having a working relationship.  Of course, the tea launched Jeffree Star back onto drama lovers’ radars. 

This latest Jeffree Star drama comes a year after the explosive beauty community drama between Star, influencer James Charles, and beauty guru Tati Westbrook. Star has been silent on the drama front since, but his apparent promise to expose Morphe may allow those who followed the drama to fill in some gaps. 

Of course, many Twitter users had many outspoken opinions on the situation even before Star has had the chance to discuss the issue in the promised video. We eye shadowed through the threads to find more information and the best responses to the latest Jeffree Star drama. Grab your tea cups and dive into the latest Jeffree Star drama tea. 

The exposing begins 

After Jeffree Star posted the Tweet last night, he took to his Instagram story to discuss the issues further, clarifying several points that the Def Noodles tweet apparently failed to mention. One of those points being that the product in question was an old collaboration Star did with the brand Jouer years ago. 

Star continued by stating that while there was nothing wrong with having a product of his in TJ Maxx, or TK Maxx if you’re in the UK, he was apparently tired of not speaking up about his tumultuous relationship with Morphe, stating he’ll upload a video discussing the whole situation from his perspective tomorrow. 

This is not only a continuation of Jeffree Star being involved in some sort of drama, but this video may provide more information on the split between Star and Morphe last July. 

Bye, bye, bye 

Morphe, in the wake of the drama within the beauty community, announced last July that they would be breaking ties with Jeffree Star after he was accused of using racist & offensive language as well as manipulating other creators in the community as well as in his personal life. 

“Today we’ve made the decision to cease all commercial activity related to Jeffree Star and affiliated products,” Morphe wrote in a Tweet at the time, “We expect this to conclude within the coming weeks. As we look to the future, we will continue to share updates on what lies ahead for the Morphe brand.”

This decision was made after videos of Star using this language resurfaced alongside other controversies surrounding the creator at the time. Now that the issue is being addressed by Star, many have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions on the issue. 

Twitter is sipping the tea 

In normal Twitter fashion, many users have commented on Star’s announcement, some citing the incidents from last July while others simply look to the present. Some of the reactions include: 

Out here scorching everyone with the tea. 

 There’s a little more going on, dude. Maybe do a quick Google search. 

 Those are all good questions to consider, especially the infections part . . . 

Low blow, dude! 

Low blow from the other side, jeez! This tea is getting HOT! 

What are your thoughts on this latest Jeffree Star drama? Drop them below in the comments so we can keep this tea warm!

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