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Was Elphaba responsible for swatting Jeffree Star? Prepare for messy drama as we dive into the wild world of TikTok lives.

Is TikToker Elphaba a problem? Behind the Jeffree Star harrasment

British TikTok is a wild and strange place. Filled with unusual characters, TikTok is a great place to view influencers worldwide. Why are we entirely captivated by the wildly controversial English TikToker Elphaba? Well, after numerous TikTok lives and videos, it’s safe to say she is justifyingly both loved and hated.

Was Elphaba responsible for swatting Jeffree Star? Prepare for messy drama as we dive into the wild world of TikTok lives.

Who is Elphaba?

Elphaba Orion Doherty is a nineteen-year-old TikToker known for repeatedly (despite many critics saying to stop) singing “Defying Gravity” from the Broadway play Wicked. As told by The Tab, “She’s a trans creator, known in her earlier days on the app for her volatile friendship with Jack, another trans TikTok creator. The two would often duet “For Good” from Wicked, when they weren’t scrapping. Jack cut Elphaba and their friendship out of his life last year.”

Not only is Elphaba known for her love of Wicked but also her crazy controversies including; faking tourettes and ticks, bad hygiene, bullying, and stealing gifts for charities while spending money for transition surgeries gifted by fans for her designer obsessions.

Yes, Elphaba is definitely no stranger to drama and yet she is still able to draw in thousands of fans for her daily TikTok lives. So why did Elphaba harass equally controversial creator Jeffree Star?

Jeffree vs. Elphaba

Jeffree Star is a beauty influencer and entrepreneur who is no stranger to drama and has also been at the epicenter of some of YouTube’s most notable conflicts. As reported by Dexerto, “On June 14, 2023, a clip of Jeffree Star went viral across social media showing his property surrounded by police after an apparent swatting.”

Star went on to TikTok live to discuss the swatting incident suggesting it was none other than British TikToker Elphaba. ““The caller said that they were exchanging fire with me, that there were gunshots and injuries and they were hiding on my property,” he explained. “Whoever thought this was a good idea, and I think I have a good idea who it was, you’re going to be handled because you have to set an example.””

This all came after Elphaba went on TikTok live with Star following several attempts to get the infamous beauty guru to respond. Elphaba began expressing her love for Jeffree Star, but things took a turn when she began explaining why she doesn’t agree with Star’s past comments which stirred some drama for many in the LGBTQ+ community. 

Elphaba vs. the public

We have compiled a list of reactions Elphaba’s craziest moments. Take a look:


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Looking back at this, I think it was put on just for attention… #makeupbygeorge #elphaba #elphabaoriondoherty #fyp

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What do you think of Elphaba and her antics? Let us know in the comments.

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