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One of the most common questions around James Charles’s ass is if he went under the knife. Here are all the worst times we saw his ass.

James Charles is heading back to the Met Gala. Roast this problematic creator on Twitter because why does he keep winning?

2020 brought nothing but scandal for people like Mark Salling from 'Glee'. Pore over the controversies that had fans canceling these celebs last year!

Is Tiktok really throwing the ban-hammer at James Charles? Dive into the content creator's sketchy past and concerning allegations against him here.

James Charles just can't seem to stay out of the limelight. But what is the YouTube and TikTok star in trouble for now? We're not making this up.

Guess who's coming back to YouTube? See if fans are hailing the return of James Charles and Tati Westbrook – or whether they wish they'd stay offline.

After a very long year break, it seems that Tati Westbrook is finally ready to start over again. Does she address James Charles in her YouTube video?

Is Jeffree Star really done with the drama? Grab your beauty brushes and dive into the latest Jeffree Star video. 

What could bring James Charles out of hiding and back on Twitter? New allegations against him, of course. Pull up a chair and enjoy the tea!