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Trisha Paytas has kicked off Valentine’s Day with a surprising announcement: she’s pregnant! How has the internet reacted?

Have you heard about H3 productions, Ethan Klein, or Hila Klein? See how big the net worth is for these vloggers.

Trisha Paytas's Twitter is no stranger to fallouts with long-time enemy Ethan Klein. Login and find out what's causing their meltdown this time!

Drama is the only word that describes what’s going on with Trisha Paytas and Ethan from h3h3Productions. Here's what's happening now.

The latest in podcasting drama comes from the Frenemies podcast. Who's replacing Trisha Paytas? Let's find out.

Controversial creator Trisha Paytas is finally tying the knot with Israeli artist Moses Hacmon. Learn more about the Instagram announcement.