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All good shows must come to an end. Here are the TV Shows that are officially cancelled after the year 2021.

The TV shows ending in 2021 you might not know were cancelled

2020 saw a lot of shows get an unceremonious axing – no warning, no final season, just a surprise goodbye nobody was ready for. It was a tough year for everyone, and the entertainment industry was not an exception.

However, a lot of other shows have also been given the ability to finish on a strong note with one last season and a grande series finale before officially being cancelled. Here are all the TV shows that will be ending this year.

Judge Judy

For two and a half decades Judge Judy has been a reigning queen of daytime television. (There are people old enough to drink that have never known a world without Judge Judy being on TV.)

However, every queen’s reign must come to an end, and Judy Sheindlin will be stepping down from her reality court TV show in 2021. If this notion fills you with dread you’ll be happy to know she already has plans to move to the free streaming service, IMDb TV, for a series called Judy Justice.

The Expanse

First a product of the channel SyFy, and then one of Amazon Prime’s darling’s The Expanse will be cancelled for good this time. (Probably.) The science fiction show is based on a series of books written by James S. A. Corey.

While the release date for the sixth season hasn’t been provided yet, many are projecting it will come out in late 2021 due the fact production is expected to begin sometime early this year.


When the lead actress, America Ferrara, walked away from the sitcom Superstore, everyone knew it was on its last legs. Many were shocked the TV show wasn’t cancelled the same moment she turned in her resignation papers. Part one of the final season began in 2020, but there are still some unaired episodes.

The final half of the last season will be airing on NBC in the next couple months.

Better Call Saul

Some form of television show relating to the Breaking Bad universe has been on TVs since 2008. However, considering Better Call Saul is a prequel, it eventually had to end – 2021 is the year it happens.

Fans will be excited to know that the last season will have thirteen episodes instead of the usual ten. Since the show will be ending right around the time Breaking Bad started, some wonder if Walter White or Jesse Pinkman will make a cameo in the season finale.


One of Netflix’s heavy hitters, Ozark has been providing drama for a scant three seasons, but the fourth is set to be the last. Fans have a lot of questions after watching the third season so there’s a lot that needs to be addressed in the final season.

Netflix has said that season four of Ozark will be released in two separate parts. This may be due to COVID-19. The final half of season four may not hit the streaming site until 2022, but at the moment no dates have been set. What we do know is that the beginning of the end will most definitely occur in 2021.

His Dark Materials

In the search for more popular fantasy shows HBO created His Dark Materials in 2019. The show is extremely well received, and yet the third and final season is going into production early this year, meaning the episodes will likely air later this year.

If you’re heartbroken over the show getting cancelled you can always read the Philip Pullman books the show is inspired by.


Supergirl has been a big part of the Arrowverse – though it didn’t start that way. The first season of Supergirl aired on CBS in an attempt to garner a different audience. However, execs apparently balked and added Supergirl to the lineup of superhero TV shows Green Arrow and The Flash over on The CW.

After five years on air 2021 will see the show come to a close – likely so that Superman & Lois won’t lead to any family feuds.

Black Lighting

If it weren’t for the fact The CW was adding a Superman show to their schedule we’d start to think superhero oversaturation is beginning to take a toll on the network. Black Lighting is also set to join the list of superhero shows The CW has cancelled.

Having a non-white superhero protagnoist was a big deal when the show started in 2018, and many people will likely be disappointed the fourth season will be the final one. However, if you’re one of those people, you may be interested to know that The CW is currently toying with the idea of a spinoff for the character Painkiller.

Dead to Me

Another Netflix show, Dead to Me, dramatic dark comedy, will be calling its third season the last. Starring Linda Cardellini and Christina Applegate the show was a twisty journey of murder, betrayal, and friendship.

A number of fans were disappointed in season two because it felt like a rehash of the first season, so many will likely find this cancellation to be a mercy killing.


The show Lucifer has had a rocky existence. It became a hit on Fox, but the network cancelled it despite the popularity (they really have a habit of that). To the joy of fans Netflix saved the show and has already dropped both a fourth season and the first half of season five.

However, the second half of season five is going to be the show’s last batch of episodes – forever this time.

Last Man Standing

The Tim Allen sitcom called Last Man Standing is ending its run with the ninth season. The show originally aired on ABC for six seasons, but eventually moved to Fox.

The family sitcom wasn’t afraid to take political stances and examine modern family life.

The last season of the show will feature a cameo . . . from Tim Allen. Allen will be reprising his role from the much loved 90s show Home Improvement. It should certainly be interesting to see how Allen’s two characters interact.

Van Helsing

The Syfy show Van Helsing has amassed a bit of a cult following over the years, but the monster fighting show is ending with the fifth season. The show would have already ended if it weren’t for the global pandemic – episodes have been delayed due to production being pushed.

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