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Judge Judith Sheindlin, popularly known as Judge Judy, could be facing retirement. Is her net worth as impressive as her career?

Producer/director Randy Douthit’s 'Judy Justice' has been picked up for a second season at IMDb TV. The initial episodes captured 25 million viewing hours.

'Judy Justice' is the new spinoff series from everyone's favorite angry judge. Judge Judy has a new plaintiff, but is she bringing the same old abusive set?

Since 1996, fans have had fun watching 'Judge Judy' episodes. However, employees have claimed the fan-fave judge fostered a toxic work environment.

Looking forward to Judge Judy’s new show? Will we be able to see it on YouTube and if so, when? Learn the very latest details and mark your

Judge Judy introduced millennials to the world of courtroom drama and daytime TV alike. What's Judy's current net worth?

'Judge Judy' is set to end after 25 years on television. Journey through history by looking at some of the wildest episodes of the series.

All good shows must come to an end. Here are the TV Shows that are officially cancelled after the year 2021.