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'Judge Judy' is set to end after 25 years on television. Journey through history by looking at some of the wildest episodes of the series.

Celebrate Judge Judy’s return to TV with these infamous episodes

Everyone’s favorite syndicated courtroom judge, Judge Judy, will be hanging up her robe later this year. The former prosecutor turned family court judge turned judge television personality has finished filming her final episode of Judge Judy, which has aired for 25, reportedly earning her a $47 million USD per season salary. You gotta respect the hustle there.

While Judge Judy, Judy Shiendlin, has plans for a new series, Judy Justice, on IMDbTV, there have been some wild episodes of Judge Judy over the years. But what episodes are the wildest? What episodes would have your jaw dropping? What cases of Judge Judy live on in infamy forever? Lucky for you, we have found some of the wildest, weirdest, and most infamous cases over the years on Judge Judy so let’s dive in.

The shortest case ever

Here’s one that’s worth a chuckle if you like stories of dumb criminals. In this case, a woman accuses two men of stealing her wallet. In this viral case, which lasted less than 30 seconds, the woman was listing what was in the stolen wallet: “I had gift cards in there, my earpiece, and a calculator.” (That’s a crazy big wallet, lady. How did you fit a whole calculator in there?)

One of the accused, however, opened his big mouth to say “There was no earpiece in there, ma’am.” Boom! Case in favor of the plaintiff. Bring in the dancing lobsters . . . . Wait. Wrong show. But, you know, if you’re going to commit a crime, then keep your mouth shut!

The dog picks the winner

Here’s some proof that your dog will always love you. In this case, the plaintiff told Judge Judy that the defendant stole his dog. The defendant said she bought the dog off of the plaintiff, he contended that never happened. All he wants is his dog back. In a move that probably would have made Solomon proud, Judge Judy says that they’re going to let the dog choose.

So the defendant puts down on the dog, who immediately runs over to the plaintiff. Kisses, cuddles, tears abound. Case closed. Dog reunited with its beloved owner. We’re messes from watching this episode of Judge Judy.

Judge Judy gets angry AF

Judy may be sarcastic, sharp, and occasionally harsh, but she very rarely gets angry at people in her courtroom. She’s patient and makes sure to keep her courtroom in order. But when you cross a line, she will mess you up. In this case, the mother of the defendant in a case of harassment crossed that line. When the plaintiff said that the defendant was harassing her, she lost it.

The mother swore & yelled at the plaintiff, walked to the back of the room, where she continued to be a disturbance. Not in Judge Judy’s court. In one of the few moments of genuine anger from Judge Judy, she yells at the defendant’s mother “Out! Out! Out!”, making her leave. And this woman did try to remain inside of the courtroom, but Judge Judy was not having it. 

Johnny Rotten?

Have to say that seeing Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten on Judge Judy is definitely one of the weirdest things we’ve ever heard of. Apparently, the drummer went to Judge Judy over some missed wages and the fact that Rotten had allegedly assaulted him. Why Judge Judy over an actual court? We cannot even begin to hazard a guess. Like . . . what goes into that decision making process?

Either way, it’s pretty hilarious. Judge Judy even tells Johnny Rotten to shut up at one point because he was winning the case. Which, actually, he did win. Whether or not you agree is up to you. But here we are. 

What are your favorite episodes of Judge Judy? Let us know in the comments below. 

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