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The Top 5 Shows That Depict Online Casinos and Gambling

Casinos and Gambling have not been as tucked away from the public eye these days as they used to be – at least when talking about TV shows and the like. The glitz and glamor of the gambling world are often depicted on the screen as part of the shows we watch. This article looks at some of the best shows about gambling throughout recent years, touching on both the alluring side and the downsides. 

Sky Poker (2003) 

While only a few shows focus on online casinos, there are good reasons to actually highlight playing at these casinos. Online casinos, like hillocasino often offer gamblers more promotions and better incentives than land-based casinos because there is more competition among online platforms for customers. This is why British Sky Broadcasting chose to launch a licensed and regulated online poker division, where gamblers had the opportunity to play poker on their website. 

This was picked up in the British show ‘Sky Poker,’ where online poker was covered extensively. By interviewing pros and celebrities, viewers had the opportunity to be introduced to online poker and get valuable tips along the way.  

Billions (2016) 

Showtime’s hit show ‘Billions’ has entranced viewers since 2016, when the pilot episode was aired. The drama series depicts the life of Bobby Axelrod, a hedge fund manager who tries to gather wealth in the finance world. Throughout the show, there are scenes at casinos with high stakes for the financiers. Here, we witness how gambling becomes a vessel for information. Not only do the characters come to gamble, they also attend casino games to try and gather information. ‘Billions’ have had such an impact that the protagonist, Axelrod, has gotten his own slot machine.  

Big Bet (2022) 

South Korean dramas have become more internationally famous in recent years. While the series Big Bet hasn’t reached the same international popularity, it is worth mentioning in terms of gambling shows. ‘Big Bet,’ which features the renowned actor Choi Min-sik as the protagonist, is created around the casino world in the Philippines. 

Here, we meet a man who becomes a casino kingpin in the South East Asian country. After rising to the top, he is charged with a crime he did not commit. And in order to get back in the game, he has to put his life on the line. Throughout the series, we follow the attempts from the casino king to return to the casino world, where he must take many risks.  

Sneaky Pete (2015) 

While this series was canceled after three seasons, it was loved by many for its realistic depiction of crime and gambling. The series ‘Sneaky Pete’ follows the life of Marius Josipovíc, a con man who gets out of prison at the beginning of the series. This role was played by Giovanni Ribisi.

Marius is hunted by the gangster Vince Lonigan – played by Bryan Cranston – and therefore, he takes on the identity of his cellmate Pete. Pete has talked much about his family, and Marius believes that he has enough knowledge to become his cellmate. So, he moves in with his estranged family. Vince Lonigan runs a gambling den in New York, which is why poker is an integral part of the series.  

Ozark (2017) 

The award-winning series ‘Ozark’ has received numerous praises from the public throughout its run, and for good reason. ‘Ozark’ follows the life of financial advisor Marty Byrde, who also has a past of laundering money for a Mexican drug cartel. As the scheme goes wrong, Byrde tries to make up for it by setting up a laundering operation in Missouri, and he needs to take his whole family with him. 

The family then gets entangled with criminals, the Kansas City Mafia, and a whole ordeal begins. The series features The Missouri Belle Riverboat Casino, a riverboat tied to gambling operations. Through the casino, the Byrde family tries to launder their cartel money.  

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