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The Suez Canal crisis is the latest event to get the meme treatment on Twitter. Grab your swimsuit and dive into these hilarious Suez Canal memes!

The Ever Given is stuck: Laugh along with these Suez Canal crisis memes

The crisis at the Suez Canal is the latest maddening world event to happen within 2020-2021. As if a worldwide pandemic and financial crisis weren’t enough, now the container ship Ever Given is caught in a literal tug of war between nations over the Canal. 

This of course, means that this crisis is getting the same treatment every insane event this year has gotten: being turned into a meme on Twitter. 

So grab your swimsuit and dive into these hilarious Suez Canal memes as we try to keep from questioning what the heck is going on with these past two years. 

Battle Royale 

That would certainly stop a ship and, weirdly, is a lot less insane than the actual reason it’s stuck. 

Keep grinding away 

That pretty much summarizes their mood and ours whenever we have a lot on our plate, to be honest. Just keep on keeping on, little guy! 

GOT wisdom

This is what happens when you question Eddard Stark. We would think they would know by now. 

Knight in tackled armor

Looks like someone’s DnD quest isn’t going so well. Probably rolled a nat 1 on persuasion. 

Coming together 

As the saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Though this friendship may be a bit short-lived. 

Take a breath 

Yeah, it does feel like that sometimes. Maybe a break is in order? 

Not passing fast enough 

This is definitely going to pass about as fast as this winter. 

Disney to the rescue? 

Certainly a better idea than the bulldozer. 

(Not) Making money moves

That check isn’t going to cover the Suez Canal sized hole in our wallets, unfortunately. 

Domino effect 

Please just . . . don’t remind us. Let us live in dumb, memable ignorance for a bit. 

Have any other fun Suez Canal memes? Drop them in the comments below so we can dig through them (hopefully with more than just a small bulldozer).

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