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Are you excited to grab some Biden Bucks? Stimulus check memes have arrived, and we’re here to tell you about our favorite ones.

Grab your own Biden Bucks with these hilarious stimulus check memes

Most Americans are jubilant about the House of Representatives finally okaying the third stimulus package. The $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package will be put to work before long. Described as a “seismic” legislation, the third stimulus check should become a lot of people’s way pretty soon – even as soon as this weekend. 

As per the Boston Herald, “Biden’s relief plan provides $1,400 checks to individuals earning less than $75,000, heads of households earning less than $112,500 and married couples earning less than $150,000. Phase-outs begin after that, cutting off completely at $80,000 for individuals, $120,000 for heads of households, and $160,000 for couples.” 

Of course, this influx of money has people doing gymnastics to put out the funniest meme regarding Biden Bucks, or as some like to call it, Kamala Kash. Stimulus check memes abound and, as always, we’re here to tell you about our favorite ones. 

Coming to an account near you

. . . and in IMAX 3-D: Stimulus checks! Also, some more stimulus check memes.

It could be here any moment 

Chill out, Phoebe. Watching for the mailman at night won’t bring you your Biden Bucks any faster. 

Salty calculations 

Even when it’s raining money, you know you can still find that one salty person. 


This person who clearly has weed on the brain. 

This amazing rendition of a Biden Bucks anthem

Favorite line: You must not know ‘bout me.  I’m ‘bout to get my stimmy. ♫

Biden Bucks delivery service  

Just kidding. Don’t fret. Although some people think the amount of stimulus shows a childish disregard for future inflation, it will not be delivered via baby. 


It may not be enough to bathe in but it sure will still feel good. P.S. I love the homie in the background sitting in the driver’s seat like, “Why am I friends with this fool?” 

Oh, no 

For sure. This is just a stimulus check meme and definitely not where the money’s actually going. 

Good investment 

For those of us with a more refined spending palate. 

The meetup 

An accurate depiction of the money flowing into Americans’ bank accounts. 

Flights post-vaccine 

Well, we know what some people are spending their stimulus checks on. 

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