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More stimulus checks are being sent to Americans, which means the online jokes are starting up again. Laugh at the best stimulus check memes here.

More stimulus checks are coming: But the memes are here now

With a third stimulus check expected to be announced soon, seeing as how it was one of President Biden’s stated “top priorities” once he entered office, we think it’s appropriate to scavenge through Twitter and find some of the best stimulus check memes. There’s a lot of emotion flailing out there regarding $1,400 dollars, to which we ask the question . . . why? 

That being said, a third stimulus check will help a lot of people get out of personal jams, and we want to provide some levity with the best stimulus check memes we could find to help out. 

Here are some of the best stimulus check memes on Twitter! Spend wisely upon opening.     

Empty threats

Let’s all behave now, and not cold call people with violent threats . . . it’s only $1,400. 

New day, same movie

The talk of a “new stimulus check” really is like going Back to the Future.  

Mad facts

Water isn’t comparable to stimulus checks, Immortan Joe. Besides, we all know your drink of preference . . . we want memes of that! 

It all makes sense

There’s bigger financial fish to fry. 


They always have “good ideas”, don’t they? 


How many Krabby patties will $1,400 get us, exactly? 

Money talks

A new stimulus check will grab your attention at the grocery store faster than a stash of restocked frozen pizzas . . . and that’s saying a lot. 

Tap into the system 

Robinhood may have something to say about a new stimulus check before it’s all over. But hey, that’s just more content for new stimulus check memes.  

You know what they call a stimulus check in Paris? 

This John Travolta gif will never not be funny. 

Dan the man with the plan

We’re about to lose our Schitts too if we don’t see that money! 

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