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'The Simpsons' remains the Nostradamus of our times by predicting the future. See how many times the series has predicted 2021.

Is this COVID vaccine promotion really as cringe as it sounds? Watch Joe Biden embrace the "thirst trap" meme and see for yourself right here.

Popstar Olivia Rodrigo took a trip to the White House today to visit Joe Biden. Let’s take a look at all the best Twitter memes that have been

Why are people in Cuba taking the streets to protest against the government? Find out what's going on and if there could be another revolution in Cuba here.

Why hasn't mainstream media been covering the arrest of Julian Assange? Find out if professional jealousy has been keeping the story buried.

News has been reported that the position to be the neighbor of Joe Biden is now up for grabs. Pull back the drapes and look inside this beautiful

Is Kamala Harris responsible for "Feeling Good" singer Nina Simone's heirs losing their net worth? Dive into the reignited claims being made on Twitter now.

Meet the hottest new artist on the market now, Hunter Biden! Delve into how much his artwork goes for, and how much his creations will boost his net

Hunter Biden is certainly no stranger to controversy, and his name manages to make headlines every couple of months. Will this ruin his net worth?