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Just how rich can a sitting president be and become? Let's take a look into Joe Biden's net worth.

How rich can a president be? Here’s Joe Biden’s net worth

Did Joe Biden misjudge the political pulse of Michigan’s influential Muslim and Arab American community? Michigan, home to one of the largest populations of these demographics, was a crucial state that Biden won in 2020. The power of their collective voice was evident, but recent developments seem to be shifting the tide. 

Ahmad Ramadan, a former Biden adviser, expressed increasing concerns about the frustrations and disappointments these communities are voicing against the Biden administration.

Three years back, Biden’s victory was monumental, and many in Michigan were elated. However, recent events, particularly surrounding Biden’s stance on the Israel-Gaza situation, have led to a different sentiment. Several community roundtables reveal the discontent brewing. Ramadan shared, “The last two weeks have really shifted things.”

It’s not just about Biden’s foreign policy stance. Many in Michigan feel that Biden and the Democratic Party as a whole aren’t doing enough to battle Islamophobia. State Rep. Alabas Farhat, representing Dearborn, stated, “Joe Biden has single-handedly alienated almost every Arab-American and Muslim American voter in Michigan.” 

But how does all of that translate to his net worth of $60 million? Let’s dive into Joe Biden’s net worth and see if it’s a net worth becoming of a sitting president in 2023 amidst growing tensions.

The Ripple Effect

While the Muslim population in the U.S. is comparatively small, its growing influence cannot be denied. Traditionally leaning towards the Democratic party, there’s now a growing concern that this allegiance might waver. Some are contemplating leaving the top of the ticket blank in protest during the next elections, emphasizing that actions have consequences.

There’s also a palpable sense of betrayal. Amer Zahr, President of New Generation for Palestine, voiced the sentiment of many: “People are feeling that the Democratic Party is… not looking at the humanity of Palestinians.”

The Biden administration isn’t oblivious to the discontent. They’ve emphasized their stance against Islamophobia and xenophobia. Biden’s recent Oval Office address reflected his efforts to reach out, with promises to support the Palestinian civilians and urge Israel to be cautious. Biden emphasized to the Muslim American community: “I see you. You belong.”

Despite these overtures, many feel it’s not enough. Dr. Mahmoud Hadidi of the Michigan Muslim Community Council expressed, “There’s a lot more that President Biden… could have said or done to show concern for the civilians trapped in this unfortunate situation.”

The Potential Political Upheaval

In states like Michigan, where margins are razor-thin, every vote counts. Many groups, including the influential Muslim community, can swing an election. Biden will undoubtedly need their support in the future.

Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., highlighted Michigan’s complex political dynamics, underscoring its status as a purple state. But the undercurrent of frustration is hard to ignore, especially in places like Dearborn. Sami Khaldi, president of Dearborn Democratic Club, has some advice for Biden: “Rethink about his strategy, his policies, foreign policies.”

Osama Siblani of The Arab American News reflected on his shifting political stance, once supporting Biden but now feeling the sting of disappointment. “Let it be known that come [next] November, we will remember, Mr. President.”

Looking to the Future

What does all this mean for the future of U.S. politics, particularly for Democrats? As the 2024 elections inch closer, Biden and the Democratic Party will have to grapple with these pressing concerns and navigate a changing political landscape.

Will this growing sentiment in Michigan be a bellwether for the nation? Only time will tell. But one thing is clear: Every voice, every vote counts. Will Biden be able to win back the trust and support of this pivotal community?

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