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Discover if Biden’s impeachment is truly happening – or just a rumor

Imagine being asked about a bribery allegation and just chuckling it off. Well, folks, that’s precisely what President Joe Biden did at a recent White House event with U.S. diplomats. When a New York Post reporter questioned him about the Burisma bribery allegations from his time as Vice President, he was all grins and giggles before sprinting down the White House hallway.

Biden paused, gave an awkward smile, chuckled to himself, and shook his head as he walked away, leaving the buzzing question unanswered: impeachment. But what exactly was this question about? Strap in; we’re about to break down the who, what, and why of this eyebrow-raising moment.

The memo

In the land of leaks and whistleblowers, an internal FBI memo from 2020 is stirring quite the tempest. According to sources, this memo details an alleged five million-dollar arrangement involving an exchange of cash for policy decisions between then-Vice President Biden and a foreign national, who reportedly called Biden the “Big Guy.”

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley recently brought this memo back into the spotlight during a speech. He mentioned that the FBI had given lawmakers a glimpse of a redacted informant file connected to an investigation into Biden, his son Hunter, and the Ukrainian company, Burisma. 

This memo, known as the FD-1023, is rumored to contain information about 15 recordings of phone calls with Hunter Biden and two with Joe Biden. Yet, it remains unclear whether the FBI possesses these tapes. Plot twist, anyone? More gravely, is impeachment lurking around the corner?

Ripple effect

Here’s where things get even juicier. During a joint White House press conference with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, reporters barraged Biden with questions about the allegations. His response? “Where’s the money? I’m joking. It’s a load of malarkey.” Classic Biden!

But wait, the plot thickens! The FD-1023 form was allegedly created in June 2020, based on information from an informant referenced by Senator Grassley. This form also hinted that then-Vice President Biden might have been involved in Burisma hiring Hunter Biden.

Senator Grassley lambasted the FBI for its last-minute decision to show lawmakers a redacted version of the FD-1023 form. Interestingly, this happened on the same day the Department of Justice announced a 37-count indictment against former President Donald Trump for alleged mishandling of classified records.

Stonewalling saga

But let’s dive back into this FD-1023 business. Does it mean impeachment? FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate was questioned by Senator Ted Cruz regarding the form. Abbate did the verbal equivalent of a magic trick, saying he wouldn’t comment on the form or its contents. Cruz wasn’t having it, accusing the FBI of “stonewalling and covering up serious allegations.”

Republicans say that the “confidential human source” behind the allegations in the form is a “trusted, highly credible informant” who’s been used by the FBI for over ten years.

Meanwhile, Republicans, led by James Comer and Chuck Grassley, have published a report probing into over ten million dollars received by Biden family members from foreign personalities. The report suggests a complex web of companies created while Joe Biden was Vice President and pushing anti-corruption efforts abroad.

The bottom line

The House Oversight Committee has subpoenaed Hunter Biden’s business partner, Devon Archer. The GOP believes Archer’s testimony is vital to their investigation based on his ties to Biden family business deals internationally.

As the story unfolds, the questions keep piling up. The world waits with bated breath to see what else emerges from the depths of this political whirlwind.

So, we leave you with this – when the halls of power are buzzing with allegations and whispers, how much malarkey is just enough malarkey?


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