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Hunter Biden is passing through tax-related problems. Recently, ex-girlfriend Zoe Kestan testified in front of a jury. What's next for the president's son?

Is Hunter Biden’s net worth bigger after Laptopgate?

Has Hunter Biden capitalized on all the controversial situations he’s been in? Figures like Taylor Swift have shown us it is always possible to capitalize on trauma but is it the same with political controversies? Besides being the second son of the president of the United States, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden has been known for many other situations that surely don’t make President Biden proud. But who is Hunter Biden?

Hunter Biden is an American lawyer and lobbyist, yet, as it was mentioned he has always been cataloged as a controversial figure. Hunter has received tons of criticism  for seeming to profit from his familiar political privilege in order to get lucrative positions in many overseas companies. He has also been publicly exposed to his drug addiction battle as well as romantic affairs, including his brother’s widow.

If you’re reading this you might have heard about Hunter Biden’s laptop controversy. This basically has to do with delicate data found on a computer that was abandoned at a Delaware computer shop. This data was shared with the FBI Republican operatives, and the press. No illegal evidence has been shown from the laptop contents but it did affect his father’s campaign. But was his net worth affected?

The investigation runs over Hunter Biden violating laundering laws in business dealings. Here's everything you need to know.

Laptop controversy 

Three weeks before the United States presidential election of 2020, the New York Post presented the emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop. The newspaper stated that the emails showed corruption by current president  Joe Biden. By that time, Donald Trump asserted the now-proven false conspiracy theory that stated Joe Biden was acting corruptly regarding Ukraine.

Apparently, it was just another post-truth unsuccessful strategy as Donald Trump knows well in order to harm Biden’s campaign and get his voters. As time goes by there’s less doubt that the laptop was in fact Hunter Biden’s belonging, the laptop is true as a physical object but it didn’t prove much. Nothing from the laptop has revealed any illegal or unethical behavior from Joe Biden as vice president.

President Joe Biden has shown to have different ways of proceeding from his son, but has all this at least served to grow economically for Hunter? And if it has, where did that money really come from and where is it going? Hunter Biden is also known for having several debts, starting with his ex-wife for the maintenance of his children. What is Hunter Biden’s net worth? Here’s all you need to know. 

Hunter Biden’s net worth

According to the platform Celebrity Net Worth, Hunter Biden means a total of  $1 million, which honestly is nothing compared to the controversies he’s been involved in. They say money comes, money goes and Biden is living proof of it. An exposed email showed Hunter Biden made $833,000 in 2013, and between the years 2014 & 2016, Biden earned $6 million from many income sources. 

In the year 2016 another $2.5 million was reported. From 2014 to 2019 Biden dubiously served on the board of the so-polemic natural gas company in Ukraine. Yet, he lost the money as soon as it came and worse, with debts that topped $475,000, from which $320,000 responded to unpaid federal taxes. Some of the leaked emails reported Biden spent his money on luxurious cars. 

Fortunately, he paid the tax bill entirely by 2020 through an unclear deal with an  entertainment lawyer named Kevin Morris. In 2017 Hunter Biden officially divorced Kathleen Buhle, who has married him since the year 1993. Biden revealed In a New Yorker interview in 2019 to receive a monthly income of  $4,000 after he agreed to pay his ex-wife $37,000 monthly for ten years. 

Clearly, Hunter Biden isn’t the most strategic person in the world when it comes to money, tell us what you think in the comments below! 

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